Best clinic for Russian Lips in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Dynamic Clinic

Best Aesthetic Clinic in Dubai:

The dynamic clinic is the Best Clinic for Russian Lips in Dubai. It is the leading cosmetic surgery clinic that has been offering 100% successful cosmetic treatments to patients all over the world since 1992. Every month more than 3000 patients seek cosmetic assistance from here. In 2019, the doctors have performed over 25,000+ cosmetic treatments – both surgical and non-surgical. Humbly speaking, not a single botched procedure occurred.

I don’t want to sound cocky but we were one of the firsts in the world to perform Russian Lip Fillers in Dubai – A treatment to shape the lips in the subtle heart shape.

The dynamic clinic employs highly qualified doctors, who have modern expertise and equipment at their disposal. So, patients feel no pain and discomfort while undergoing cosmetic treatments.

In addition, we have our own laboratories so that it’s possible to quickly obtain test results. Our aesthetic treatments can help boost confidence and improve your appearance as we truly believe wellness is all about feeling good on the outside and inside.

At Dynamic clinic, we’re making everything easy. Patients can explore, talk over and book any cosmetic treatment all in one go. The clinic only opens the doors to the certified aesthetic providers, saving your effort, time, and energy across the journey, plus, it’s all affordable, with no markups and additional fees. So, take prompt action. Book your appointment today.

What are Russian Lip Fillers?

Fillers that increase volume in the center of the lips in order to produce heart-shaped lips are called Russian lips fillers. They give lips a supermodel fullness and enhances facial harmony. Augmentations can last anything from 40-45 minutes, depending on the amount of filler to inject. Note that, the best candidates of fillers are fresh individuals – those who have not been treated previously.

The results usually last the same time that standard fillers do. This is certainly because of the fact that we use the same product (HA) in both treatments.

When it comes to downtime, there may be slightly longer downtime than any other cosmetic treatment. You should be very careful during this sensitive time. Don’t apply any topical product on the skin surrounding the lips, plus, avoid exposing it to direct sunlight for some time. Remember to apply sunscreen outdoors.

At Dynamic clinic, the average cost of Russian Lip Fillers is AED 300. Note that, this is only a portion of the total bill. Please consult with the dermatologist to determine the exact figure.

How To Book An Appointment at Dynamic Clinic:

Looking for the Best Clinic for Russian Lips in Dubai, & Abu Dhabi, Dynamic clinic is the right fit for you. The dynamic clinic will book a convenient time for your care, and answer your questions. Upon arrival at the clinic, you will have a consultation with an expert. He will assess your facial features, and goals to customize a treatment plan. Together with the expert, you will discuss all details of a scheduled session.