Microblading Eyebrows Dubai

Having an Illusion of thick and  healthy brows is more trending than the conventional thin and sleek eyebrows. A lot of the women in Dubai are now more concerned about getting their eyebrows done rather than focusing on any other part of their face.  According to psychological research it is believed that the first and the foremost thing a person notices in someone’s face with respect to beauty is their brows and so well pigmented and shaped brows are worth the importance.  Using makeup techniques and products for doing your eyebrows is still not helpful in achieving the perfect brows but there is one thing that can be of a great help and that is microblading in Dubai. Discover about microblading and the concerns related to it.

What Is Microblading ? 

Microblading is a kind of cosmetic procedure or more like a semi permanent makeup that is responsible for adding a pigment to the brows making them thicker and healthier looking. it gives an Illusion of fuller and heavy eyebrows.  The amount of the pigment usually inserted is based on the kind of the skin color and choice of the candidate. The technique is slightly Complex and unlike other treatments there is no injection involved; rather a fine blade is used to insert the pigments directly into the skin present below the brows.

Who Are The Right Candidates For Microblading?

Microblading is suitable for those who want to reshape and enhance the look of the eyebrows without having the need to wear any makeup.

People who are losing their eyebrow hair either due to aging or any other medical conditions are also the right candidates for microblading.  The procedure is done by experts and ensures that the brow color merges well with the skin tone and it does not look odd and made up.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting Microblading Done?

  • Well defines the eyebrows.
  • Improve the texture and the core of the eyebrows.
  • A definite and better density is noticeable in the eyebrows.
  • The color of the brows feel very enhanced and attractive.
  • Is an ideal treatment for people who lost their hair in severe medical diseases.
  • Puts and end to the regular visit to the saloon for brow shaping and makeup.

How Is The Procedure Of Microblading Carried Out In Dubai?

The following procedure is mostly carried out for microblading in the cosmetic surgery clinic in Dubai :

At first the specialist will book a consultation with you that will be done in order to analyze your skin. A test will be carried out to check if you are suitable for the pigment or not.

  • During the initial consultation the cosmetic surgeon will also ask you about the kind of shape you would like to have or the way you would like to get the brows done.
  • After the initial consultation the specialist will now prepare you for the treatment.
  • a local anesthetic agent will be applied all over the surface so that you won’t feel the pain if you are sensitive to pricks and cuts.
  • The specialist will use an eyebrow pencil to sketch the outline and show you whether you are satisfied with the shape or not.
  • Once you have approved the shape then the specialist will use a fine blade to gently scrape off and inject the pigment into the surface.
  • The pigment that is inserted within the epidermis of the skin is non washable and the best part about it is that the look is completely natural and real.

What Are The After Care Instructions That Are Followed After Microblading?

Microblading is a non surgical, minimally invasive treatment and so the procedure surely does come with some aftercare instructions that must be followed:

  • Svoid touching eyebrows unnecessarily.
  • Keep it dry and away from water or sweat.
  • The specialist will prescribe you a gel or ointment that is to be applied for a week at least following the procedure.
  • It is generally important to refrain from exposing yourself in the UV sunlight from using any chemical over the face.

What Is The Cost Of Microblading In Dubai?

Microblading eyebrows Dubai price ranges from 1,500 AED to 4,000 AED  however it also depends upon the complexity and the choice of the candidate.

Is The Microblading Treatment Painful?

The treatment is not painful at all because the specialist will apply an anesthetic agent all over the surface, however mild discomfort will be felt when the effect of the anesthesia ceases for sensitive skin patients a mild to moderate redness along with some swelling is observed that will eventually go away within a few days following the treatment.


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