Benign Mole Removal

Achieve flawless skin with benign mole removal treatments in Dubai!

Although benign moles are not a health risk, people want to get rid of them because they consider them as a hindrance in their way of looking attractive. If you are here to know the price of mole removal, keep reading the blog.

What Is a Benign Mole?

A mole is an overgrowth that prevails over the skin due to the excessive production of melanocytes. Melanocytes are responsible for giving pigment to the skin; hence, the black moles.  Sometimes moles can be cancerous; however, mostly, they are benign.

Benign moles do it does pose any harm because they are non-cancerous. However, individuals with benign moles want to get them removed because they consider them less desirable. Moles can appear anywhere on the skin. Sometimes they are hyperpigmented, other times they just seem like outgrowths of your skin. Either way, people may want to get them removed.

There are various treatments through which a benign mole can be removed. However, dermatologists consider laser treatment as the best one for benign mole removal in Dubai.

Treatments for Benign Mole Removal:

Some of the famous treatments for benign mole removal are:

  •         Excision.
  •         Freezing.
  •         Laser therapy.


In this process, the area under treatment is numbed. Then, a benign mole is surgically removed with the help of cutting it through a scalpel.


One of the most popular methods for the removal of a mole is by freezing it off. With the help of liquid nitrogen, the cells of a mole are destroyed. This helps the mole to drop off. You may observe a blister after the treatment; however, this goes away after a few days of the treatment when the skin starts healing.

Laser Mole Removal:

In laser mole removal treatment, laser light is beamed over the mole which destroys mole tissues. After repeated sessions of this process, a benign mole will completely be removed from the surface of your skin. This is a painless procedure and is more effective than the other two traditionally employed ones.

Benign Mole Removal Cost in Dubai:

Typically, the cost of benign mole removal starts from AED 600. However, there are various factors that affect the cost of this procedure.

The Type of Treatment:

The type of treatment that you opt for has a great influence over the price of this procedure. For instance, if you get a mole removed through laser therapy, you are likely to be charged more because laser therapy is a comparatively expensive procedure. However, this treatment is completely worth it.

The Number of Sessions:

For the treatment of one benign mole, you will need to undergo multiple sessions to make it disappear completely.

The Number of Moles:

If you want to treat more than one mole, the price of this treatment will be higher. However, your doctor can inform you about the exact price after consultation.


If you opt for an experienced professional, it is highly likely that you will be charged more. The senior a practitioner, the higher you are likely to get charged.

Geographical Location:

The geographical location of the clinic you opt for has a significant influence over the price of benign mole removal. The difference in price doesn’t only exist according to different countries but also according to different states and provinces.

Benefits of Benign Mole Removal:

There are many benefits for individuals who are considering the removal of benign moles from their skin.

  •         The treatments offered at our clinic are completely painless.
  •         You can feel more confident about yourself.
  •         You can easily get flawless skin.
  •         Minimum to no side effects.
  •         This procedure can be completed in only one session.
  •         This procedure is safe and easy.

The major benefit of this treatment is that if you feel self-conscious because of the prevalence of benign moles, you can completely get rid of this insecurity within a snap.

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