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Acne usually occurs on the parts of your skin with more oil glands, which include your face, head, arms, back, and chest. It happens when hair follicles get clogged with a buildup of excess oil and damaged skin cells. It fosters a bacterial habitat, and if the blocked pores get infected, the region becomes irritated.

Back and body acne is generally more challenging to treat than facial acne. For one thing, the practicalities of rubbing a therapy lotion on your back are a consideration. Second, bodily imperfections are frequently deep and persistent. However, with the appropriate remedies, effort, and dedication, you can control your body’s acne.

Fortunately, there are various choices for Back Acne Treatment in Dubai. Medication, chemical peels, and Laser Acne Therapy are all part of it.

What Exactly is Back Acne?

It is acne vulgaris that appears on the back, commonly on the upper back. Acne is a common disorder that causes clogged pores. A follicle and a sebaceous gland are located at the pore bottom, with an entrance at the top. The oil, known as sebum, flows to the skin’s surface to moisturize it. It takes dead skin layers and debris out from the pore as it ascends. Acne develops when oil, clogged pores, and debris become caught in the pore and create a plug. Viruses can become trapped in the clogged pores, producing irritation.

The upper back has different oil glands than any other body part. As a result, it’s a typical site for acne to form. The face, neck, chest, and shoulders are also frequently impacted. Back acne, like the acne in these other locations, occurs in two varieties.

The first form of back acne is not inflammatory acne, which is distinguished by the accompanying imperfections:


These are blocked pores on the skin’s surface that stay open. Open comedones are the medical term for them.


These are blocked pores on the skin’s top. They are known as closed nodules.

Back acne may be irritating as well. This form of acne is associated with the following sorts of blemishes:

  • Pimples: These are pink lumps that are elevated and sensitive. When there is no fluid and a white end, they are termed papules. The Doctor will fill the Pustules with pus and have a white tip.
  • Nodules are enormous, solid, uncomfortable lumps deep beneath the skin. 
  • Cysts are pus-filled lumps that do not feel solid or hard.

What Causes Acne on the Back?

Like the neck and chest, the back has a greater density of oil glands. These glands secrete sebum, a waxy material that helps clean the skin.

Sebaceous glands are found near hair follicles or pores. A pore can get blocked if oil or damaged skin cells plug it. This obstruction may irritate or trap microorganisms in the hole. That’s how acne blemishes form.

Malassezia, a form of yeast, can also create lesions that resemble acne. In humid, sweaty settings, the fungus tends to overgrow. Since the back is frequently concealed by clothing, bags, shawls, and other items, it might provide an ideal home for this bacteria.

If the yeast enters the follicles, it can create a disorder called pityrosporum folliculitis. If antibiotic therapies for back acne have failed, the person may develop pityrosporum scalp psoriasis instead.

Treatment Options for Acne:

There are several acne treatment solutions available. Among the most common therapies are:

Medications for the Skin:

Topical medicine is one of the most accessible and efficient acne treatments. Acne can be treated using lotions, ointments, and gels. To treat acne, the doctor can administer them directly to the afflicted region or combine them with antibiotics.

Chemical Peels:

Chemical skin peels remove acne by removing skin layers synthetically. Nonetheless, for the most outstanding results, chemical peels typically require some assistance in the shape of medicine or an acne facial.

Laser Acne Treatment:

Doctors perform laser therapy because some acne disorders are difficult to cure with conventional medicines. Laser Acne Treatment in Dubai is growing common. The laser hydrates the skin and treats hyperactive sebaceous glands. In general, patients should anticipate three days to first-week downtime following laser acne eradication.

Final words: 

It might take a long time to clean up a back acne condition, so attempt to be patient. One must use Acne treatment drugs and a regular skincare routine consistently.

Inform your dermatologist if you do not believe your meds are working. It may take numerous attempts before you find a therapy that fits you. However, you must be ready to see it and feel a change with the proper treatment.

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