Baby Botox in Dubai & UAE

Botox, being the main aesthetic trend dropped a new drift Baby Botox! It uses less botulinum toxin than traditional Botox Injections. Instead of using 20 units per field, experts may use 10 units to more effectively combat the aging signs without limiting the facial movements expected from the previous Botox.

Here’s all you need to know before scheduling an appointment for Baby Botox in Dubai,UAE & Abu Dhabi.

What’s New in Baby Botox? 

The basic purpose of Baby Botox is to eliminate the visible signs of frozen foreheads associated with traditional Botox Injections. It is typically considered advancement in previous injections and may be called a future of Botox. Simply put, it’s the about right technique, injecting smaller doses, and allowing the face to move more.

The concern of frozen faces was usually raised when Hollywood directors complained about the lack of expressions in the actors. Then, it gave upturn to Baby Botox! The concept is almost the same, injecting the small Botox doses into adequate parts.

Patients usually get Baby Botox from us because of their saggy and wrinkled skin. Our dermatologists aim to enhance features, thus enhancing natural beauty with no fake or porcelain doll-like look.

What is Baby Botox Meant For?

Baby Botox in Dubai usually applies to every patient bearing aging signs. But in particular, it is especially ideal for those who care deeply about the frozen faces expected with traditional Botox. Hollywood celebrities showing their faces Botox with visible signs of frozen muscles raise fears and change the decisions of many people. But thanks to Baby Botox, facial contours are perfectly plump, smooth, and intact with the harmony of the face with no visible Wrinkles.

Ideally, Baby Botox is for beginners who want to prevent their aging lines from becoming permanent. However, our specialists need to assess you individually to customize your specific needs.

Results of Baby Botox:

Best baby-botox in Abu Dhabi  Best baby-botox Clinic in Dubai  baby-botox-Clinic-in-Dubai

baby-botox-in-Abu-Dhabi  baby-botox in dubai  Best baby-botox in dubai

What is the Procedure of Baby Botox?

Upon arrival at the clinic, you will be needing to fill out necessary formalities, and later on, you will be moved to the dermatologist’s room. The procedure begins with applying a local anesthetic on the injection site for a comfortable experience. While comfortably seated on a dermatologist’s chair, the injections are given carefully which takes a couple of minutes.

How Much Does Baby Botox Cost?

While using less product means spending less money, right? These facts raise cost concerns especially in Dubai where Botox is so popular.

In some practices, you should be aware that the cost is determined by the actual product but in most cases, pricing is based on the skills of your injector. And when it comes to Baby Botox, highly experienced skills are needed to inject these micro-injections. The average Cost of Baby Botox in Dubai, UAE & Abu Dhabi starts from 700 AED. Moreover, prices may go up depending on the geographical location you are considering this treatment. Increasing doses usually increases cost. Talk to your doctor about costing strategies before budgeting your expanse.

Durability of Baby Botox:

Since less Botox is used, the effects can be expected to wear off more quickly. However, results usually last about two months or possibly longer depending on genes, exposure and metabolism.

For more effective results, don’t wait for the effects of Botox to wear off. Get a little monthly maintenance to maintain long-term results.

The Bottom Line:

Gone are the days of frozen foreheads and over-filled faces!  Baby Botox is now the new standard and the answer to every beauty problem! Especially when it comes to the blemishes of aging, there is no other anti-aging treatment that has been proven as effective as this one. The concerns of frozen muscles are now evaded!

Get the Best Baby Botox in Dubai:

Here in Dubai, Baby Botox is available at the Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic located on WasI road. Dr. Zein is here as a dermatologist with over 15 years of experience, known for extensive experience in cosmetic treatments.

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