Aquagold Fine Touch Facial cost

Get the charm and beauty you have always desired with Dubai’s incredible Aquagold Fine Touch Facial.

Unhealthy, rough and lousy skin texture affects our personality and facial appearance. We keep trying and experimenting with different remedies and treatments on our delicate skin. But we are constantly frustrated and depressed, having the same rough, dull and unhealthy skin. 

We always hear a lot about the skin rejuvenation treatments that have captured the whole skincare industry. One of those skincare treatments is Aquagold Fine Touch Facial in Dubai, having exceptional results with minimal invasiveness. 

What Is Aquagold Fine Touch Facial?

Aquagold Fine Touch Facial is one of the incredible non-surgical cosmetic treatments for facial rejuvenation. The treatment uses a microinjector consisting of many 24K gold needles to treat the several skin imperfections and make it brighter, radiant and flawless. The treatment resembles a micro-needling technique but is not like that. Only one of the micro-needling devices is used, called a microinjector.

Aquagold Fine Touch Facial Therapy:

The dermatologist uses a microinjector with several tiny needles (thinner than a human hair). First of all, The dermatologist cleans the skin to remove the makeup and excess oil. Then, the gold-plated needles are used to inject the solution made of hyaluronic acid, natural growth factors, botox and many other solutions to make the therapy work well. The liquid gets injected and then penetrates the layers of the skin, making it radiant and smoother.

Benefits Of Aquagold Facial:

  • Pain-free non-surgical treatment.
  • Cost-effective, quick and 100% safe procedure.
  • Pore minimization.
  • Glowy brighter skin.
  • Smooth skin with faded scars.
  • Advanced and less invasive treatment.

Recovery From Aquagold Facial:

It’s a quick 30 minutes procedure. No recovery is needed because the treatment is painless, minimally invasive and has no side effects. The patient can easily continue the daily life activities right after the treatment. 

Results Of Aquagold Facial:

The patient will see noticeable improvements right after the treatment. It takes three to seven days to show the incredible results ultimately. The long term results and effects of the therapy rely on how seriously you have followed the pre and post-treatment instruction of the dermatologist. Typically, the results last up to three to four months. It is recommended to visit a dermatologist for the maintenance of the effects. 

Aquagold Fine Touch Facial Cost In Dubai:

Aquagold Fine Touch Facial cost in Dubai can not be fixed or specific. We consider the cost as just a dermatologist’s fee. But the cost is much more than that. The cost covers the various factors and elements that are the central part of the treatment. 

Following are the elements that make up the actual total cost.

Nature Of The Issue:

The nature and severity of the patient’s problem is the actual and central part of the cost. Every patient can not go through the same problem. So the price varies from person to person, and can not be the same for everyone.

Customized Treatment:

As the patients go through different problems, the treatment should be according to their needs. Dynamic Clinic in Dubai provides customized treatments for each patient to get the desired results. When the treatment is planned for every person, how can the cost be the same or fixed!

Practitioner’s Expertise:

A dermatologist’s expertise matters a lot in the actual cost. The practitioner has board certification, high qualification, and years of experience in the field charges more than the average one. 

Clinical Characteristics:

Clinical Characteristics are all about the cost and what the patient pays for!

The clinic charges higher if it has well-behaved professional medical staff, their attitude and services, the environment, the interior and the advanced technological treatments they use to provide the best results to their customers.

Clinic’s Location:

The last and most important is the clinic’s location. The clinic in an expensive and lavish area charges more than the clinic in an average place.

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