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Welcome to the UAE’s largest hair restoration clinic!

Over millions of patients benefit from our latest hair loss treatments every year. We grasp the solution to your all hair fall problems. From minor alopecia to severe baldness our unique, powerful technologies can assist in every manner. The excellent care centers of dynamic pay attention to your beauty demands and guarantee amazing results securely.

The powerful history of twenty years has made Dynamic clinic one of the top class advanced hair studio in Dubai.

Solutions We Provide!

At our hair studio, thousands of hair loss solutions are offered under one roof. For the ones who’re in the basic stages of hair loss, we don’t prefer surgical procedures. Based on medical assessment and the extent of alopecia our team advises the appropriate treatment.

Check out our unique hair transformation techniques that can give you a head full of hair at any age or even at any baldness degree.

  • Hair Transplants
  • PRP
  • Lasers
  • Mesotherapy
  • Hair Fillers

Hair Fall Causes & it’s Prevention:

We all know that baldness and alopecia is an extremely sensitive issue for every person. Typically it leads to trauma, low self-esteem, and ends up in depression. It’s essential to know hair fall reasons before any treatment. Typically genetics have found the leading cause of hair loss. If the majority is bald in your family then there is the possibility that you might also lose hair in the future. Besides, not only genes, chemicals, excess heat, polluted environment, imbalanced diet, and sometimes medications can also make you bald. Doesn’t matter whether you had any treatment or not. Please be aware of such conditions and simply escape them to enjoy healthy-hair life.

On the other side when it comes to hair loss prevention, we know that it can be challenging through traditional approaches. For sure no one wants to go bald by sitting idle and doing nothing. So trying some remedies is quite better but only when if you’re on right track.

For instance, if you’re acquiring one of our hair loss procedures than don’t forget to consider come tips listed below,

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Use chemical-free hair products
  • Elude excess sun exposures and polluted environment
  • Hydration is the key
  • Go for prescribed shampoos

Treatments Cost:

Dynamic clinic- leading advanced hair studio in Dubai offers various hair loss treatments at different rates. Since every person is unique having diverse personal preferences, so the cost varies individually. At our clinic, our doctors first go for the initial analysis and then advise the appropriate treatment accordingly.

Though it’s quite tough to calculate the exact cost without any analysis session. Please arrange a meeting with our experts so they can inform you of the precise amount you need to spend on the procedure.

For the ones who cannot pay a big amount of hair transplants one time, we propose installment offers without any interest. Furthermore, discount packages can also be obtained by having a few transplant sessions.

Let our team know if you want to avail any of such offers.

What makes us the best in the industry?

At our clinic, our team of professionals is focused on just one thing. RESULTS! Trained trichologists, hair experts, and stylists endorse the artistic skills to make your head appear full of hair. Based on your expectations, suitable treatment is advised along with the possible outcomes you can achieve. We don’t believe in fake assurances which is why our clinic is ranks top among all advanced hair studios.

Don’t Delay Anymore!

Aging is usual. Everyone has to go through hair loss at some point in their lives. When one loses the hair completely it becomes difficult to grow them back. For this reason, we always advise timely decisions to our patients before it gets too late.

Dynamic clinics grasp the latest equipment and indeed UAE’s best surgeons are serving their precious time in this advanced hair studio in Dubai. To get in touch with them fill in the consultation form or simply visit us.