Acne In Men Causes Of Adult Acne, Prevention, Treatment & Cost

Acne is the worst infliction to the skin. The spots and blemishes it comes along with deteriorate the skin very badly.  It is more than just a skin problem and really makes the person’s appearance displeasing. You will be surprised to know that acne incidence is more common in men as compared to females. The reason why men are less highlighted in terms of acne is because females are more conscious of their skin. The scars and marks left behind are even more heart wrenching than the acne itself. However, the wait is over! We are offering some best acne treatment in Dubai that will give you flawless and radiant skin. 

How is acne caused on the skin? 

The sebum and oil that is secreted on the skin surface by the glands are the major culprits for acne.  As a consequence the defense mechanism of the skin releases the mediators to fight with the acne causing bacteria. The cells that get trapped appear as a white head or bump surrounded by redness. It can be multiple or a single bump.

Causes of adult acne in Men?

Oily skin 

The major cause of acne is oily skin. Men have more oily skin in comparison to women.  The sebum that is released on the skin makes a room for bacterial growth, dust and grime to clog in the pores. The more the oil secretion on the skin the greater is the incidence of acne. However, there are now acne treatments for men in Dubai that are very effective. 

Skin infections 

Sometimes you do every possible thing to keep your skin balanced. Using oil control gels and face washes is just not enough. There might be something else that is contributing to the acne. Skin infections can be one of them. Some serious fungal and bacterial infections also give rise to acne and breakouts.

Sun exposure

UV rays are not directly proportional to causing acne. People who have sensitive and acne prone skin are susceptible to worsen the acne when they are exposed to the sun. The UV rays increase the hyperpigmentation of the skin as a result the acne scarring becomes permanent. 


As for the case in men the overproduction or secretion of the hormone testosterone leads to horrible breakouts and acne. The most common areas it affects are the cheeks, forehead and the chin. Hormonal acne is often cystic means that it is mostly pus filled. It is very resistant and only a high end treatment like laser acne treatment in Dubai can cure it. 

What are the treatment modalities of acne in Men? 

Don’t ever be disheartened by acne because there are some of the best acne treatment in Dubai. 

Over the counter face washes 

Certain face washes that contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid are good warriors against acne causing agents. They control oil secretion on the face and maintain the skin’s pH.  Using oil control face washes can limit breakouts. 


You cannot limit yourself from staying in the sun. However, using a sunscreen religiously can help the hyperpigmentation of acne from getting worse. 


In severe cases of acne especially in hormonal and infectious acne antibiotics become mandatory. Certain medications like retinol gels and ointments in combination can be useful against acne. Nevertheless, you should consult a dermatologist before using them. 

Laser treatments 

This is a new and one of the most effective treatments. The laser acne treatment Dubai has about a hundred percent success in the termination  of acne from the roots. The process is simple and extremely effective for a clear and radiant skin. 

How much does acne treatment cost?

On average acne treatment price in Dubai varies. It depends on the severity and incidence of the acne. We offer very affordable acne treatment packages including the follow ups. 

What are the preventive measures of acne?

  • Wear a sunscreen not only outside but even at home 
  • Drink plenty of water to maintain hydration in the body 
  • Use oil control face washes 
  • Take your laser sessions routinely for a clear radiant skin 
  • Moisturize your face daily especially before going to bed 

The Wrap up!

Acne is not just disappointing for women but equally for men too. We have some refined acne treatment for men in Dubai done by some top notch team of skin experts. You will finally have spotless, acne free and radiant skin.