A Review of Modern Surgical Hair Restoration Techniques

If you are a resident of Dubai then hair fall is a must to disturb you routinely. It is irrespective of gender, age color, etc because hair fall can target anyone. Based on a lot of articles, research, and studies it is now concluded that certain modern surgical hair restoration techniques are now available and successfully running to improve Hair Restoration in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Stay tuned if you want to know about those techniques and opt for them for yourself. 

Some Common Causes of a Hair Fall:

  • Nutritional deficiency in the body especially proteins and iron.
  • Deficiency of certain vitamins such as vitamin E.
  • Anemia is a result of low hemoglobin or blood in the body.
  • Fungal infections of the scalp.
  • During chemotherapies in cancer patients.
  • Any trauma to the scalp that has destroyed the follicles in a specific area.
  • Postpartum and lactation.

Methods of Hair Restoration:

Over a period of years, surgical methods for Hair Restoration in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah have taken the lead successfully. They are considered safe and authentic only after thorough research and studies. 

The techniques are categorized as: 

  • Surgical.
  • Non- Surgical.

Some Modern Surgical Hair Restoration Techniques:

A study done by the National Center of biotechnology information back in the year 2008 released an article on a review of modern surgical hair restoration techniques. The aim of the article was to analyze the new and advanced methods of surgical hair restoration by correlating them with the historical methods of punch grafting. 

The study concluded the following methods as successful: 

Scalp Flaps:

In the early years, back in history, pedicle flaps or what you can call as free strip grafts were excised from the donor and then reinserted back into the recipient. Although the technique had some failure rate, the idea of removal of small flaps from the scalp is still used in modern surgical techniques. 

Surgical Excision:

Surgical excision is also known as an alopecia reduction. Alopecia is basically the area of bald patches on the scalp. The reduction of alopecia patches had a better success rate than the other treatments.  The technique is somewhat closely related to scalp flap surgery and the rate of reduction of alopecia was quite higher in number. 

Auto Grafts From Hairy Sites:

The above two mentioned techniques when combined together are now collectively used and more improved methods for Hair Restoration in Dubai

Scalp flaps and surgical excision in combination gave rise to a new technique called auto grafts from Hairy sites.

Here Is a closer look at the latest and new surgical techniques for hair restoration.


Follicular unit hair transplantation which in other words is also called the strip extraction method is considered a successful treatment for hair restoration. The goal of the treatment is to offer complete hair thickness in just a single shot.

 The steps of the treatment include: 

  •  Extraction of a part of the strip from the donor area of the scalp.
  •  The extracted area is then sutured back using fine threads.
  •  The extracted graph from this trip is modified.
  •  The target areas of the recipient then receive the follicular units that were extracted.


FUT or follicular unit extraction is the 2nd most widely used hair restoration method. The technique is minimally least invasive and Does not give rise to any scar formation unlike FUT.  here is how the procedure works: 

  •  Tiny multiple hair follicles are extracted from the donor region.
  •  The donor region can be any area of the body such as the legs, hands, etc.
  •  The follicular units extracted are then reinserted back into the scalp.
  •  Around thousands of units are extracted and replaced into the scalp.


Some of the Well known and top-notch hair restoration clinics in Dubai are now providing PRP hair treatments widely because it is the top most and successful hair transplant method.  The treatment is the least invasive as compared to any other method. 

Moreover, it is completely natural, has no side effects, and does not require any extraction of grafts from the body.  The treatment works by extracting platelet-rich plasma from the donor himself as well as the recipient. This platelet-rich plasma is injected into the various sites of the scalp targeting the areas of alopecia.

Here is How the Technique Works: 

  •  Drawing blood from the candidate’s body.
  •  Centrifuging the blood to separate PRP from blood.
  •  The extracted TRP is then incorporated into a needle.
  •  The injection infused with PRP is injected into the various sites of the scalp.

Review of the Modern Hair Restoration Techniques:

Based on the reviews of hair restoration techniques it is inferred that the surgical technique either FUE, FUT, or PRP are all equally successful and have promising results. The reviews can vary from person to person. It partially depends upon the candidate and partially on the surgeon as to which type of treatment is ideal. 

On the whole, all of the treatments that are mentioned above have equal importance and success rate. the end results include:

  • Perfectly luscious hair.
  • Thick and dense hair.
  • A better volume.
  • Gloss and shine.


The cost of each treatment is different and it depends upon which clinic you choose.  On average the cost of hair restoration in Dubai starts roughly from 999 AED

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Final Verdict!

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