Hair Transplant adds hair to the areas that are balding/thinning. It is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures across the globe.

Males and females usually pick hair transplants to improve the appearance of the scalp. In the procedure, follicles are mined from one part of the body and introduced to the thinning site.

Here are the 6 things to know about hair transplants in Dubai so you can move on with realistic expectations.

It Works Best on People With The Good Donor Area:

In general, hair transplant is for males with pattern baldness. For the best outcomes, you need to have a healthy donor area. Usually, the donor areas are the sides of the head. Anyhow, it is also important that you are a non-smoker. Beyond that, your surgeon may also want to make sure that you have realistic expectations for your scalp’s look. This will encourage a greater level of happiness and satisfaction with the outcome.

It Often Leaves Scars:

FUE and FUT are the two most common techniques used for hair transplants. In FUE, follicles are removed individually – one by one. Whereas FUT involves eradicating a strip from the back of the head and then collecting follicles from that strip. Well, scarring can happen with both techniques. However, the scars from FUE are usually small and imperceptible but FUT leaves long very visible scars.

It Does Involve Some Risks Like Any Other Cosmetic Surgery:

This surgery is usually safe in the hands of an experienced surgeon. But like any other surgical procedure, there are a few risks. These may include extreme discomfort, bleeding, bruising, numbness, scarring, and infection. If you want a safe hair transplant, be sure to look for a board-certified cosmetic surgeon with plenty of experience like Dr. Abdul Majeed Makkiya at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic. Give us a call, we will schedule your appointment with him right away.

You’ll Have Pain After The Surgery:

During the operation, you will be given local or general anesthesia to avoid pain. The numbness will gradually subside and you will feel pain or discomfort in the scalp. You may also experience swelling in your face too. This swelling usually subsides within six to seven days. Your surgeon may recommend ice packs and pain relievers to alleviate these symptoms.

You Need to Limit your Physical Activities:

Usually, patients can return to routine activities within a week. However, for the first few days, you need to avoid strenuous activities, weight lifting, and contact sports. The discomfort may take the longest to wear off. You may continue to deal with pain and discomfort for several weeks. It is also important to note that hair transplant results do not appear until the side effects disappear completely.

You May Pay Up To AED 10,000!

In general, insurance plans don’t cover cosmetic surgical procedures, including hair transplants. In 2020, the average cost of a Hair Transplant in Dubai was AED 7,000. But remember, the cost may vary widely as per the location of the clinic, the extent of the procedure, and the technique used.

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