4000 & 5000 Grafts Hair Transplant

The term “4000 & 5000 Grafts Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi” is often heard in the cosmetic surgery market. It is something that most hair loss sufferers ask for, but what is it actually? What’s needed to be done to achieve optimal results from it? Can any hair loss sufferer get it?

Read on. This blog post covers everything you need to get started with this surgery including its cost, benefits, risks, side effects, candidacy, and more.

Having hair transplant surgery is surely a big deal for patients, therefore, it’s okay if you want great results with it. But why not surgeons use a higher number of grafts, let’s say 5,000 on all patients? Wouldn’t maximum grafts give better results? Couldn’t doctors utilize more donor hairs to create incredible hair density in bald regions of the scalp? It sounds simple and easy, but it’s not.

It’s Actually About What Suits you Best, not What you Want:

As a matter of fact, most sufferers don’t need 4000+ grafts to get optimal results. They receive incredible results with 2500+ grafts only, especially if they want to address thinning in one area of the scalp, let’s say frontal scalp.

However, if you wish to undergo this surgery in order to cover an entire scalp ”back to front”, it will need 5,000 to 6,000 grafts without a doubt. But please note that not every sufferer qualifies for this kind of hair restoration technique. Certain conditions may not allow you to insert this number.

To become a good candidate for this surgery, you must be in good physical and psychological health, plus, the donor site should be extremely dense.

Remember that, it’s always the surgeon’s decision to declare a patient a good or bad candidate.

Now please let us share with you the cost of 4,000 & 5,000 grafts hair transplants in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

Average Cost:

The affordable prices of cosmetic surgeries in the UAE are one of the major reasons that force people to choose this country for their cosmetic treatments. Though we cannot tell you the exact cost for a 4000 & 5000 Grafts Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, generally the price ranges between AED 19,000 to AED 31,000 of Hair Transplant. It varies randomly, based on the surgeon’s expertise,  the patient’s scalp, the reputation of the clinic, the method used, and the extent of baldness.

Choose the Right Surgeon & Clinic for an Amazing Hair Transplant!

It’s all about research. Always remember, not all clinics can perform this kind of hair restoration procedure safely and effectively. Simply put, the clinic needs three things: An experienced surgeon, highly trained staff, and a comfortable hospital setting. It will take several days or months (maybe) for the surgeon to perform this operation all alone. So in order to get the best possible results, he must work with a team of highly trained medical and surgical assistants in a cozy environment.

Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic is the best place to get the most effective hair transplant. Every patient comes to us in a unique place, each with unique desires and needs. We are committed to total customer satisfaction by providing top-notch aesthetic services. We promise you that all your expectations will be met responsively.

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