4 Effective Treatment Options For Skin Lightening in Dubai

The social acceptance of white skin will never go. The struggle is for real and it has forced everyone to seek ways and methods to achieve a white skin. People who naturally have a tanned and dusky complexion should feel happy in their own skin. However, those who notice their complexion diminishing by time, should pay attention to their skin. It’s high time your skin demands a regimen. There are multiple options for skin lightening and our clinic has some of the best skin lightening treatments in Dubai mentioned down below whose benefits will leave you amazed and wanting. 

What Are The Skin Lightening Treatments? 

There are many skin lightening options available and we have gathered some for your ease and convenience done below starting from the least effective and reaching to the most effective . 


Many facials available that have shown some remarkable changes in lightening the tone of the face. Massage and exercises done during facials removes the dirt and debris present on the skin. One of the best facials is the hydra facial that is responsible for lightening the skin tone to a very considerable level. This type of skin whitening is best done by experts. 

Chemical peels 

Chemical peels are a new and improved skin whitening treatment that has contributed in major excellence of lightening the skin tone to varying degrees. Chemical peels can be done by glycolic acid, Salicylic Acid and AHA.  The end results will leave you surprising as the outer layer is removed revealing a glowy and fresh skin. 

Laser treatments 

Laser treatments are equally as beneficial as chemical peels. A very Mild to moderate amount of heat is applied all over the face and is left over for the skin to show the results. Laser Treatments are best in treating the melasma, dual tone or hyper pigmented spots on the face. 

Glutathione injections 

Glutathione Injections are by far the best skin lightening treatment in Dubai.  It has contributed to decreasing the skin tone from dark to White. The injection is very mild and is non-invasive; unlike other treatments there are no side effects as such. The skin will be soft, smooth, wrinkle free and will have a very fresh and white complexion. 

Which Is The Best Option For Skin Lightening? 

According to top notch skin experts and aestheticians glutathione is the best option for skin lightening

What Are The Benefits Of Glutathione Injection? 

  • It prevents the formation of free radicals
  •  releases oxidative stress
  • Whitens up the skin instantly
  • Treats skin disease such as psoriasis

Glutathione injection is not just confined to whitening but it has other benefits also. 

  • Has some improvement over insulin resistance in elderly
  • Studies have shown glutathione works for parkinson’s disease also

What To Expect After Glutathione Injection? 

  • A perfectly smooth and radiant skin
  •  no more presence of hyper pigmented spots and scars
  •   naturally looking whiter skin tone
  •  well defined facial profile 
  • aesthetically pleasing skin
  •  fresh ,glowing, and clear clarity of the skin

The Final Verdict!

Pampering your skin just like your body is very important. Your skin tells a lot about your overall health therefore, investing in treatments like skin whitening in Dubai is no harm and directly impacts your well being and self confidence. 

You can call us or visit the clinic to know about the skin whitening packages and offers we announce.