Will Hair Transplant Surgery Restore My Original Hair Density

Multiple individuals encounter hair loss to be alarming, and they repeatedly desire to find a manner to reform their untouched hair viscosity. Hair transplant surgery to substitute mislaid hair has risen in vogue in contemporary years. But the vital query always stands. Will Hair Transplant Surgery Restore My Original Hair Density In Dubai? In general, a patient’s postoperative consequences may encounter or even overreach pre-procedure anticipations involving sweetened total surface area. However, this leans on the person and the tier of hair loss. The thickness of each graft and the laxity of the scalp will determine whether added techniques are ought. Such as PRP injections, or scalp micro pigmentation, are vital in complementing hair transplantation.

What is a Hair Transplant?

The use of Hair Transplant Surgery as a therapy for hair loss is rising in favor. Doctors can drag hair bristles from the back and flanks of the head. And replant them in depilated or thinning areas of the patient. Even though it might deliver you a flashy formation. You might be wondering if this category of surgery can convey back your untamed hair thickness. While most patients are satisfied with keeping part of their lost viscosity reformed. However, not all patients commonly see a full repair of their pre-balding densities in a single visit or session.

Types of the Hair Transplant:

It is accessible in many categories. Each of these hair transplant approaches has pros and hoaxes of its own. The determination between them is based on a numeral of distinct references. Such as the patient’s selections, the availability of the benefactor’s hair, and the patient’s unique way of hair loss. To ascertain which approach is adequate for your particular possibilities. However, articulating with a licensed surgeon is crucial. The following are the main types:

FUT Hair Transplant:

It is sometimes referred to as the strip procedure. It involves taking a strip of skin off of the donor area. Which is normally the rear of the scalp. After that, this streak is divided into discrete follicular units. But each of them has one to four hairs.


  • Ideal for individuals who have a more splendid area of baldness.
  • It also privileges a large number of grafts to be extracted in a single session.
  • Most grafts are of exceptional degree.

Negative Aspects:

  • It departs the donor location with an unbent blemish.
  • Extended healing period and possible ache at the donor location.
  • The approach needs sutures to close the wound.

FUE Hair Transplant:

It is a minimally invasive method that uses a micro-punch or other tool. These tools help to drag individual Hair Follicles from the donor location. And also making holes in the region. After that, the recipient area obtains the transplant of these follicles.


  • No visible spot; little, dot-shaped scars are negligibly obvious.
  • It has less discomfort and briefer convalescing at the donor site.
  • Ideal for people who favor shorter hairstyles.

Negative Aspects:

  • It is usually a more strenuous approach because every follicle is released apiece.
  • It is also confined to the greatest amount of grafts that may be assumed out in a single appointment.
  • Grafts ought to be endured carefully since they could be more fragile.

FUE with Robot Assistance:

A robotic instrument aids with hair follicle extraction in this sort of FUE. By furnishing accuracy, the robot can diminish the case of human blunders.


  • It improved accuracy and exactness when dragging grafts.
  • It lowered the possibility of severing or transitioning hair strands.
  • The approach decreases operator weariness over comprehensive periods.

Negative Aspects:

  • It can increase expenses as a consequence of operating cutting-edge robotic technology.
  • Specific clinics might not have as many robotic systems available as others.

DHI Hair Transplant:

It is an altered FUE strategy in which hair bristles are yanked and planted at the same time. For this, a technological apparatus known as a Choi implant pen is operated.


  • Decreases the quantity of time hair bristles are outside the body.
  • It may also increase transplant survival.
  • It demands less graft handling.
  • The approach may be more follicle-friendly.

Negative Aspects:

  • It also calls for certain tools and training.
  • Possibly more expensive and time-consuming than conventional FUE.

Elements That Affect the Restoration of Hair Density:

Hair transplant surgery may be a life-changing restorative for many people. It is a wonderful discretion for supplanting lost hair. But it cannot guarantee that your authentic hair thickness will return. Many variables dissemble conquest. The following are the key variables:

  • Hair Donor:

The evolution of your hair transplant is significantly exploited by the portion and caliber of your Donor’s Hair. It is the source of renewed hair since it is constantly invulnerable to balding. Your donor hair’s thickness and grades will have a big leverage on how things turn out.

  • Surgical Technique:

The surgeon’s expertise and understanding are equally critical. A competent surgeon will carefully position hair bristle transplants to deliver a development. That is both natural-looking and visually adorable. 

  • Hair Loss Stage:

The result may alter depending on the stage of hair loss at the time of judgment. To furnish more predictable upshots, it is typically recommended to stabilize your hair loss. It’s vital to keep your anticipations in check because the technique cannot stop hair loss.

  • Rational Anticipations:

It’s necessary to specify valid expectations. Even surgery can significantly improve your look and thickness. It might not be competent to thoroughly mend your earlier density. Particularly if you have undergone considerable hair loss.

  • Follow-Up Treatments:

To acquire a suitable thickness. Some individuals may need to undergo many treatments. These will improve the outcomes even further after the original operation.

What is the Price Range of Hair Transplant in Dubai?

The Cost of Hair Transplant in Dubai commonly varies from AED 7,000 to AED 15,000. The whole expense of the treatment is generally specified by the technique operated. The portion of hair grafts, and the number of therapy sessions.

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