Embrace the New You: Why Pubic Lift Surgery in Dubai is Trending!

The pubis of the woman refers to the area above the vaginal area, especially the pubic bone and the soft tissues that surround it. In mature females, pubic hair covers this area of the external genitalia. The pubic region is important for women’s general sexual health and well-being and plays a vital part in sexual function. However, when women become pregnant, lose weight, or face any kind of trauma can cause several abnormalities. Moreover, the pubis’ shape and size entirely relies on its subcutaneous fat. Aging and all these factors can increase the deposition of fat in this particular area. Pubic Lift Surgery is the solution to all these problems.

These anomalies can also have a substantial effect on mental health. This may result in a loss of self-worth and problems with body image. However, the pubic lift can help in Embrace the New You: Why Pubic Lift Surgery in Dubai is Trending, however, is a concern for everyone.

What is Pubic Lift Surgery?

Pubic Lift Surgery in Dubai is a cosmetic surgical operation that seeks to raise and rejuvenate the region around the pubis. The soft tissue mound above the pubic bone in the pelvic area is known as the mons pubis. This region may become sagging, loose, or obese with time, which may make some people feel self-conscious and physically uncomfortable.

The surgeon creates incisions in the pubic region during a pubic lift procedure and trims away any extra skin and fat. Moreover, he also tightens the underlying tissues to give the skin a more lifted and young appearance. The technique is frequently combined with other cosmetic procedures, including a tummy tuck or liposuction, to improve the overall look of the lower abdomen region.

The Procedure of Pubic Lift Surgery in Dubai:

The procedure of Pubic Lift Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi involves different procedures and steps to lift and rejuvenate a particular area. The doctor first arranges a consultation with his client to discuss his goals, concerns, and expectations from the procedure. Moreover, he also assesses the past medical history of the client and examines the area of the pubis to avoid risks and complications. He administers local or general anesthesia to ensure a painless and comfortable procedure. The steps of the procedure are

  • Liposuction:

To reach the underlying tissues, the surgeon makes incisions in the pubic region below the bikini line. He trims away extra skin and fat in the pubis area. A more lifted and contoured look may result from doing Liposuction in Dubai.

  • Lift:

When an intimate surgeon trims away unnecessary skin around the pubis, he places a small suture. When a Caesarion section has previously been done, the existing scar is removed and an intradermal aesthetic suture is implanted to reshape the target location.

  • Lipofilling:

This step includes the administration of the injection in the pubis area. This injection composes of hyaluronic acid or the adipose tissue of the patient himself.

In rare instances, the underlying tissues may be tightened to improve the outcomes and provide the region with more support. The surgeon carefully closes the wounds with sutures or surgical adhesives once the required modifications have been performed.

Aftercare Steps to Follow:

Proper aftercare is important to assist recovery, reduce problems, and provide the best outcomes. This procedure intends to lift and rejuvenate the pubis region giving it a more sculpted and youthful appearance. Following these aftercare instructions will facilitate quick recovery from the pubic lift procedure, guarantee the greatest results, and increase satisfaction with the final results.

  • Keep the surgery site clean and dry to avoid infection.
  • To help with recovery and minimize swelling, use the recommended compression garment.
  • For a few weeks, refrain from hard lifting and rigorous activities to allow your body to recuperate properly.
  • Follow the surgeon’s instructions when taking any recommended drugs, including pain relievers and antibiotics.
  • Attend each and every follow-up session with the surgeon as arranged to track and assess your recuperation.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothes to prevent rubbing the surgery site.
  • Avoid placing too much pressure on the pubic region when sitting and standing. 
  • Be cautious while performing any activities.
  • Wait until the surgeon provides the all-clear instructions before engaging in sexual activity.
  • Maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle to support the healing process and promote overall well-being.

Benefits of Pubic Lift Surgery in Dubai:

This procedure aids in enhancing the shape and look of the pubic region and can make a person feel more confident and satisfied with their physique. 

  •  Increases the look of the pubis region, giving it a smoother, younger contour.
  •  Stimulates self-esteem and confidence by resolving cosmetic issues and producing desired aesthetic results.
  • Intimate encounters become more comfortable and confident when one is more content with how their pubic area looks.
  • Following the surgery, clothes may fit more easily and attractively, enabling people to wear particular trends with more confidence.
  • Removal of excess skin relieves scratching and friction-related skin irritation in the pubic area.
  • Helps to develop a beautiful and balanced body profile.
  • The effects of pubic lift surgery often endure a long time, giving those who want to improve their public appearance long-lasting advantages.

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