Which Treatment is Best for Bald Hair

If you have ever faced baldness and alopecia then it is very likely that you have ended up in depression. Your appearance plays a major role in the happiness of your life and so consider this. We now offer a variety of bald hair scalp treatments exclusively for our valued patients. Let’s have a closer look at the aspects of baldness and its treatment modalities. 

Bald Hair: A Common Asian Concern:

Bald-headedness is considered a very attractive feature, especially in bigger countries. However, in Asian culture baldness is considered a very unattractive trait and people who have less hair or bald patches are considered displeasing and unattractive to see. 

Moreover, baldness can often lead to severe mental problems. Because Asian people are very sensitive when it comes to their hair. Dubai is a vast country where people of all kinds of cultures, religion, caste, and creed are present and demands treatments and procedures for such problems and so our clinic does offer treatments for baldness on a routine basis.

Which treatment is Best for Bald Hair? 

Our specialized surgeons can promptly provide you with the following treatment for alopecia and baldness: 


Follicular unit transplant is a very successful treatment for the regrowth of hair.  The technique involves the collection of hair follicles stripped from the back of your body which is highly dense in hair. 

This strip is then placed back into the scalp and is allowed for merging into the skin. Later, you will be able to see that the strip has started to grow new follicles, and as a result, tiny hairs start to appear which will eventually fill up the entire bald scalp. 


Follicular unit extraction is a similar treatment to FUT. However, the only difference is that in a follicular unit extraction. The follicles are extracted one by one as units and those units are then reinserted into the entire scalp ensuring that each and every part is covered. 

The end results are completely terrific and within a few months. Your entire scalp will be completely filled with hair. Your hair will feel a lot denser and thicker once they have achieved its desired length. 


PRP is one of the latest innovative and highly effective techniques for hair growth especially if you’re on a bald head. A lot of cancer survivors who have unfortunately lost complete hair through chemotherapies can undergo PRP treatment as the success rate is quite higher than any other treatment. It is a completely natural process and can be accounted for as organic. 

The technique involves the extraction of PRP which is platelet-rich plasma and is separated from the blood. After extraction, this PRP is inserted into the scalp targeting. The alopecia sites and in case of baldness, the entire scalp is ensured to be filled. 

Within a few days to weeks and months you will be able to witness your entire scalp has been filled up with tiny hair that will eventually grow up and become lusciously thick and dense. 


  • Tiny growth of hair from the 2nd week onwards.
  • The thicker volume of hair with perfect density.
  • Complete areas with dense and thicker hair.
  • Shine and luster from the second month onwards.


We offer different prices and packages for each hair transplant treatment. In the case of PRP for hair transplant the cost entails 1 AED per unit. 

Final Verdict!

This Christmas flaunt your hair and run your fingers through them confidently. Book your appointment for a hair transplant treatment and avail a free consultation in hand. 

We offer free treatment to our fortunate cancer-surviving patients.