When to Consult a Sexologist

We usually have sex to take a break from hectic work life or other types of stress, but if you are not able to give sexual enjoyment and pleasure to your partner, It’s problematic. There could be many reasons for it, you have to figure it out by consulting a Sexologist to correct the sexual problems that are affecting your sex life. A few years ago, it was not common to consult a sexologist. Because people weren’t confident, and feel bad talking about their sexual problems. These days, People discuss their sexual problems with Sex therapists and improve their sex life by the proper guidance and consultation. Sexologists in Dubai provide amazing services to clients according to their specific issues.

Who’s a Sexologist?

A Sexologist or Sex Therapist is a Health care Professional Expert who has knowledge of human sexuality and helps the clients determine and reach their sexual goals. Sexologists deal with problems related to sex and sexual relationships. They also educate the clients with the strategies that help them improve their sexual growth.

Why do we need to Consult a sexologist?

The majority of men face sex-associated problems, They are not confident in bed, trying hard to achieve their sexual goals, but there is no betterment towards them.

  • You need to consult a Sexologist if
  • You are trying your best to give pleasure to your partner, but it seems difficult and impossible to you.
  • If you find it difficult to last long in bed, and you feel unpleasant about it.
  • If you and your partner are unhappy in bed and you both can not feel the sexual pleasure.
  • If sexual intercourse is painful for you, and it is hard to get an orgasm. 

If you are going through one of the above-mentioned problems, You don’t have to feel bad anymore!

Some Most Common Sexual Disorders Sexologists Deal with

  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Libido Disorders
  • Ejaculatory Disorders
  • Arousal Disorders
  • Night Discharge
  • Orgasm Disorders
  • Hormone Deficiency
  • Pain Disorders
  • Psychological and Physical Troubles

Treatment for Sexual Disorders by Sexologists

  • Sex Education
  • Hormone Therapy
  • Behavioral Therapy
  • Psychological Therapy
  • Couple Therapy

All of the Sexual Disorders are Curable, You only have to Consult an Expert Health Professional or Sexologist. Sexologists in Dubai are Specialized in different types Of sexual diseases, and they provide outstanding services and the best results.

Preparation for the Appointment with Sexologist 

Before going to an appointment, Collect some details about your physical health, medical history, family diseases, and the medications you are taking. 

What to expect 

Sex therapy discussions are more about a person’s psychology and education about sex. A Sex therapy session starts from the detailed history of what the patient is going through, how it started, and previous consultations and medications.

Don’t hesitate, Open up about all the sexual intercourse problems and experiences you are going through. Tell your sexologist each and everything about how you feel. Be honest, and Don’t fear being judged by the sexologist. All the discussions are confidential.

Cost of Best Sexologist

Intimate Surgery Clinic in Dubai provides the most suitable therapy and Treatments according to clients’ needs and treats them in the best possible way. The cost of a sexologist in Dubai includes different procedures and treatments, according to the patient sexual health so there is no specific cost. 

Consultation with Sexologist

Consultation with an Expert Sexologist is essential to help determine the type of therapy you need. Intimate Surgery Clinic in Dubai has Professional and well-trained Sexologists who help clients with the best treatment they need. Sexologists in Dubai Professionally deal with all Sexual Diseases. Intimate Surgery Clinic in Dubai provides the most suitable therapy and medication according to clients’ needs and treats them in the best possible way. Get an appointment with the best Sexologist in Dubai to reach your sexual goals and improve your sex life.