What to Expect from Cosmetic Surgery Revision

Plastic Surgery Revisions are never a patient’s first choice. But they can be a useful option if they are dissatisfied with their past procedure. Revision operations enable patients to get the look they’ve always wished for. It helps by correcting or improving the outcomes of previous surgeries. It can be more difficult than the initial procedure. Because the patient’s anatomy has changed. To overcome the various barriers to a successful revision. The plastic surgeon must be an aesthetic plastic surgery expert and inventor. Cosmetic Surgery in Dubai is an effective treatment. It helps to correct the outcome of a cosmetic procedure. Revisionary breast augmentation may be performed to replace breast implants. While revision rhinoplasty may be performed to fix an uneven nasal tip. Or difficulties in respiration after surgery.


In an ideal world, everyone who had cosmetic surgery would be happy with the outcomes. The issue is that we do not live in a perfect world. But not everyone is happy with the outcomes they receive. This causes patients to have even more difficulties than they had before. Isn’t it annoying? Although terrible outcomes are uncommon. Especially when you choose a board-certified cosmetic surgeon. There are instances when you must determine whether to accept the results. The revision procedure helps you in the following ways:

  • Various follow-up treatments can help with severe scarring after a previous procedure.
  • It can fix breast asymmetry.
  • Other cosmetic issues.
  • if you are experiencing functional difficulties (for example, nasal breathing).
  • It can correct all flaws.
  • If the previous surgery did not produce the desired results.


Any patient who wishes to correct problems caused by earlier surgery is a candidate. You should wait at least a year after your first surgery. Before having a follow-up procedure. You should also be in good health, with no untreated medical issues. Applicants must be non-smokers because smoking might interfere with recovery and results. The following are the indicators that you may need a cosmetic modification:

  • Difficulties in recovering.
  • Adverse reactions to breast implants, butt implants, or injecting materials.
  • Irregular outcomes.
  • Too many cosmetic procedures are performed in a short period.
  • Improper surgery technique for a specific situation.
  • If the previous procedure did not deliver effective results.
  • The skin sags after pregnancy.

Types of Revision Procedures:

While almost any form of cosmetic procedure can be redone. Some modifications are more prevalent than others. Some of the most prevalent forms of Plastic Surgery Revision operations are:

Breast Augmentation: Revisions are pursued because of asymmetry. If you want changes in implant size or an unattractive appearance.

Breast Reduction: The initial treatment did not generate the expected cosmetic results. Or did not reduce the breasts as much as the patient needs.

Tummy Tuck: An insufficient reduction in the patient’s waistline. If you gain weight or have poor wound healing.

Rhinoplasty: If patients may want a revision to improve nose symmetry. And willing to restore breathing function or correct procedures.

Facelift: Individuals who are unhappy with the alignment of their face. After the previous procedure, the poor impression on your face. You may experience drooping skin pleating or a cobra neck.

Face Implants: Patients are requesting face implantation revisions. They want the devices removed. Or the contours of the existing ones updated.

Scar Removal Surgery: It is used to treat a scar that has not healed. Scars can cause ugly deformities. Which can contribute to low self-esteem. It is a difficult procedure that involves camouflaging the appearance of the scar. It makes the marks less visible. It is not always possible to remove them.

The procedure may undertake on cancer patients whose aesthetic quality is uneven. Including the face, breast, or other sections of the body. That will become a disbalance by tumor removal.


Revision surgery can provide a wide range of advantages. Including correcting cosmetic flaws from previous plastic surgery. Other advantages include:

  • It helps to improve function, for example, after rhinoplasty.
  • Creating a pleasing appearance.
  • It enhances the patient’s self-esteem.
  • Rejuvenating the face and body’s appearance.
  • Providing treatment outcomes that are more in line with a patient’s objectives.
  • It helps by removing the need to conceal or camouflage the treatment area.
  • The procedure removes the scare after the post treatments.

What to Expect from Cosmetic Surgery Revision?

The leading purpose of surgery is to remove the problems of the previous procedure. That arose after the initial procedure. Remember that you can get the ideal outcomes. It will not be the same as a first-time cosmetic procedure. Your body will deposit scar tissue after revision surgery. This tissue will be in its original state. It will demand your surgeon’s expertise and specific experience with alterations. Even with competent care, some surgeries may not induce the planned results. During the appointment, the surgeon will be honest with you about these risks. The expert will tell you whether you need revisionary cosmetic procedures.

Adverse Effects:

Every method has lots of advantages, but it also has various disadvantages. The following are the negative effects of the procedure:

  • Anesthesia reactions.
  • Asymmetry at the last look.
  • Hemorrhage.
  • You may experience deep vein thrombosis.
  • Fluid accumulation, infection, numbness, and unfavorable scarring.

These are all hazards associated with the revision procedures. By selecting an experienced cosmetic surgeon for the revision procedure. You can reduce or stop any issues.


The Cost of Cosmetic Surgery in Dubai ranges from AED 1,000 to AED 7,000. It is not static; it depends on a variety of factors. The following are the key factors that can alter the expenses:

  • The selection of the treatment option.
  • The purpose of the treatment revision.
  • The expertise of the doctor.
  • The location of the clinic.

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