What To Expect During a Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Teeth are the part of the oral cavity that assists in various functions. White teeth devoid of chips, gaps, or cracks give your face a more beautiful and appealing look. Teeth are an important aspect of beauty and make your smile more attractive. If you are having yellow, crooked, or discolored teeth it will affect your personality. Smile is the first thing that everyone notices in your first encounter and it has a sword that can leave a good impression on the other person. People who could not smile in the gatherings due to dental issues feel bad and hesitate to talk to someone. Teeth grow in a definite period of time and they are permanent. There is some Wisdom Tooth Extraction that develops at a mature age when you have wisdom. 

Their development is not important because they do not play any considerable role in the mouth. Their presence sometimes might cause pain so you can get them removed. You should know What To Expect During a Wisdom Tooth Extraction. 

What is a Wisdom Tooth?

The wisdom tooth is the set of third molars that are present at the mouth’s four corners. They grow in adulthood after adolescence. More often people do have no wisdom tooth in their mouth and their absence does not cause any obstruction or problem in the oral cavity. When they grow you feel pain and sometimes people go for their extraction. They are given this name because they grow at the age when you are mature enough and have much wisdom. This name is more traditional and has no scientific basis. 


The dentist or an oral surgeon performs Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Dubai & Abu Dhabi that knows all the major events. Before the procedure starts he will check your sugar level if your diabetic to avoid any serious complications. He will give you local anesthesia to numb the area around your teeth. Sometimes doctors give general anesthesia if the surgery is complicated and can cause severe pain. After giving anesthesia he will make an incision in the gum tissue. This will help to access the wisdom tooth and the bone holding it. The bone may also need to be removed to get better access to the tooth. 

Then he will use dental instruments to make the teeth loose from the surrounding tissue, he will move the tooth back and forth or may break it into pieces to remove it with ease. Once the wisdom tooth is removed the area is cleaned properly to avoid any risk of infection. The doctor may stitch the area to make it close. These stitches will dissolve themselves and you do not need to remove them. 


The patient will receive post-operative measures to know how to take care of the extracted area. He will receive important aftercare measures to follow to know about pain management and reduction of swelling. Following are some general aftercare measures.

  • Wash your mouth daily using dental floss. 
  • You can use ice packs on the treated area to lessen swelling and bleeding.
  • Do not smoke for a couple of weeks after the treatment
  • Do not eat hard chewy things.
  • Drink liquids and eat semi-solid food.
  • Eat painkillers if you feel much pain.
  • Visit your doctor frequently and take all follow-up sessions. 
  • You should avoid the activities such as using straws that can dislodge the blood clots.
  • Rinse your mouth properly so that all the bacteria die. 
  • You should avoid drinking alcohol as it delays the healing process. 
  • Maintain appropriate oral hygiene practices by brushing and flossing your teeth every day.
  • Eat no nuts or hard candies that might harm you.

What to Expect?

You can expect to have bleeding and swelling in the treated area. In some cases, bleeding occurs immediately after the extraction process. So your doctor will place the gauze to control the bleeding. Moreover, you will notice swelling and tenderness at that site. You can use ice packs to lower some discomfort. Swelling and bruising may also occur. You will feel pain for some time but after some days all the side effects will subside. 

Results and Recovery:

The healing time varies depending on the complexity of the surgery and the patient’s healing abilities. You can return to your regular routine work immediately without any rest. It does not have any downtime and you will not have to take any bed rest. Just follow the aftercare measures given by your dentists to seek good results. 

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