What Requirements are Needed for Weight Loss Surgery in Dubai?

There are many different types of beauty standards present in the society. The most striking of these is an hourglass and smart body shape. Obesity refers to being overweight and causes depression and loss of confidence. Obese persons frequently face pressure to shed their weight and achieve ideal body shapes. Considering all these factors, people choose a variety of weight-loss methods. They engage in a variety of exercises, adhere to a strict eating regimen, and join a gym to lose weight. But fortunately, with the development of modern methods, there is an invention of several weight loss surgeries. Many people are curious to know about What Requirements are Needed for Weight Loss Surgery Dubai.

What is Weight Loss Surgery Dubai?

Weight Loss Surgery in Dubai is a well-known procedure that helps to reduce obesity. The second name for weight loss surgery is the bariatric surgery. It is actually a surgical procedure that deals with a patient who is obese and helps them to get rid of obesity and diseases that relate to it. 

Moreover, there is also an eligibility criterion for this procedure that does not consider all individuals for it. The individual must meet the requirements to opt for this procedure. The procedure that lies under the category of weight loss surgery is a gastric balloon, gastric bypass, and gastric band.

Requirements for Weight Loss Surgery Dubai:

As every procedure has eligibility criteria, likewise, Weight Loss in Dubai also has some requirements to fulfill for the candidate. These requirements help the individual to get the perfect outcomes. Moreover, it also eradicates the risk of hazardous consequences. The requirements for weight loss surgery are.

  • The patients must be above 18 years of age to undergo this surgery.
  • He should have a BMI of 40 or higher. To add BMI is a measure of body mass that is determined by height and weight.
  • Does not succeed in losing weight after trying exercises and diet.
  • Another requirement to fulfill before the surgery is a medical evaluation. The doctors assess your past medical history to rule out any medical condition that can interfere with the procedure
  • Prepares himself to commit to making lifestyle changes and continuing to see their doctor on a regular basis. 
  • Accepts the consequences and risks of the procedure as well.
  • A multidisciplinary team must assess the patient to see if they are a candidate for the surgery. 
  • To sustain weight loss following surgery, the patient must be ready to make long-term modifications to their diet and lifestyle.


There are particular treatments available for weight loss. These surgeries are not so invasive but can cause some sort of discomfort and pain. It is actually a procedure that considers making changes to the digestive system. It is an efficient strategy to lose weight permanently and lower the chance of developing major obesity-related health problems. The procedure may entail shortening the small intestine, lowering the size of the stomach, or a combination of the two. Moreover, people who want to opt for this procedure should fulfill the requirements for the surgery. Various types of surgeries are:

  • Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss Surgery Dubai:

In this procedure, the doctor removes a major part of the stomach. He stitches or staples the remainder of the stomach. This surgery is also cited as sleeve gastrectomy. 

It is a less invasive procedure because the doctor carries out the treatment laparoscopically. It necessitates only a few minor abdominal incisions. Compared to open surgery, this causes less discomfort, scars, and a shorter recovery period.

The gastric sleeve procedure functions by limiting how much food the patient may consume. Due to their smaller stomachs, patients will feel fuller sooner than they do before surgery. Over time, this may cause substantial weight reduction.

  • Gastric Band:

Gastric Band Surgery can be an efficient way for obese people to lose weight after struggling hard with diet and exercise. It is also referred to as laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding (LAGB). Moreover, it is the least invasive procedure in which the doctor uses an inflatable belt to tie up the upper part of the stomach which ultimately creates a smaller stomach pouch. It also uses the laparoscopic technique to insert the band in the stomach.

Because of the lower stomach size following the procedure, the patient can only consume a certain quantity of food before feeling full. This is how the operation works. This may cause substantial weight reduction with the passing of time.

  • Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass:

It is another type of weight loss surgery that helps people to lose weight. The doctor performs this surgery under general anesthesia and as a laparoscopic procedure because it requires smaller incisions. 

During this procedure, the doctor divides the stomach into two portions. And creates a small pouch in the upper part of the stomach. He then connects this part with the duodenum. RYGB reduces calorie absorption from food while also limiting the amount of food the patient intakes. While the bypassed small intestine reduces the number of calories that the body can absorb from food, the smaller stomach size means that the patient will feel full after eating less food than they did before the surgery.

  • Gastric Balloon Weight Loss Surgery Dubai:

This treatment causes far less trauma and is less invasive. The doctor inflates a balloon and inserts it into the stomach during this treatment. The balloon in question comprises silicone. The physician puts it into the stomach through the esophagus root and inflates it with saline water.

It works by taking up stomach space and causing a person to feel full right away, which helps them eat less. This process also necessitates a varied diet and regular exercise in order to provide flawless and long-lasting results.

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