What not to do after lip Injections in Dubai

Cosmetic Injectables do require aftercare!

Today, no one can stop you from flawless pout. Lip Fillers Dubai currently are famous as one of the best ways to follow the on-going trend of plump lips. These injections give lips a more defined shape in a matter of minutes by filling in the volume loss with FDA-approved hyaluronic acid.

While caring for lips after the dermal filler is the most important step responsible for results. Do’s and Don’ts play a vital role in it. So be aware of after tricks, pay attention to them deeply. This can allow you to enjoy the perks of sexier lips permanently. Briefly, aftercare is important. You only need to find an authentic answer to this question: What not to do after lip Injections in Dubai?

To help you enjoy smooth, uncomplicated beginnings of lip fillers, this blog can benefit you. Here, I have enlightened 7 things you must not do after Lip Injections. Continue reading.

Lips Massage:

Don’t bluntly go for the lips massage without proper advice. Follow the instructions from a doctor regarding lip massages as sometimes massage is not even suggested at all. Since this guidance varies based on the type of filler and its brand. If your cosmetic injector allows massaging, do so otherwise stop.

Pressure on Lips:

Doesn’t matter if it’s your first lip filler injection or you are used to it, irregular pressure must be eluded. Give your lips a break by avoiding kissing or straw drinking. Because such doings can put pressure on lips which may lead to uneven filler distribution and poor results as well.

Spicy Foods:

Spicy foods may cause a sensation, especially when lips are in their early stages of healing. The intake of highly spiced and oily foods increases the chances of swelling and bruising. It’s greatly advised to eat foods that are easy to chew, so you would be less expected to wipe your lips.


Lip gloss, Lipsticks, and Lip balms. Forget them for the first 24 hours of injections. Using such products may leave a negative reaction to your lips. Regardless of ordinary lip colors, always prefer to use prescribed ointments on lips for most of the first days. If you don’t want to avoid such products, talk to your doctor or take at least one day break from your daily routine.


What not to do after lip Injections in Dubai?

A hot shower or steams affects blood circulation. This may persist the swelling caused due to fillers. So take shower with lukewarm water.

Tough Exercises:

Fitness is important but that doesn’t mean you go to the gym straight after fillers. Workouts lead to sweating. This is certainly not good news for lip fillers. You need to keep the lips cool by covering them with an ice pack.

Smoking, Alcohol:

Smoking and alcohol may leave adverse side effects on your skin. While alcohol is blood thinner, it needs to be escaped after every lip filler. Besides, you must prohibit the other thinning medications as well, such as ibuprofen, aspirin, and paracetamol, and so on.


Note that, the guides I mentioned above are just meant for the first 48 hours not more than this. So be gentle with your lips in this era. Get foods that are easy to eat. Plus, avoid sleeping for 3-4 hours. Let the filler absorb completely. However, keep your head elevated while resting.

In case you experience severe pain after fillers seek medical help instantly.

Remember, always consult a healthcare provider to ensure the information presented on this page applies to your personal circumstances.

In Conclusion:

Since each individual is different, proper assessment is required to sum-up unique aftercare guidelines. As always our experts are here to help you with every complication. Our patients are informed of possible complications they may face after the procedure. Plus, aftercare precautions are also provided to achieve smooth results. Timely perceiving the problems enables easy tackling.

What not to do after lip Injections in Dubai? – I expect you find this blog beneficial in finding the answer to this query. Still in case if there is any doubt, please let us know so we can guide you further.