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Dental care is one of the most prominent most concerned individuals, especially when worried about replacing the missing tooth.  The best solution to replace a missing tooth is dental implants. Dental implants are artificial dental roots that are used to replace missing teeth. Fixed or temporary prosthetic teeth that resemble your original teeth are supported by implantation. 

Due to the increasing demand for prosthetic dental implants, orthodontists utilize many implant techniques in which Zirconia Implant is on top. These implants are most suitable as they are known as metal-free implants. 

Get familiar with zirconia implants and What is the Cost of Zirconia Implants in Dubai in this article below.

What is Zirconia Implant?

Zirconia Implant is a dental implant commonly known as a metal-free implant as it possesses crystal material. It’s bioinert, meaning it won’t cause chemical reactions, spread to other parts of the body, or rust. That is why it is the non-metal titanium substitute. Its naturally white tint makes it an attractive option for sufferers. 

What is the Cost of Zirconia Implant?

On average, the Cost of Zirconia Implants in Dubai starts from AED 7,500 (Roughly). The expenses mainly depend upon the patient’s condition and other external factors.

Note: An individual can discuss the exact costs during a free consultation.

What are the Factors Impacting the Cost?

Here are the factors that are affecting the cost of zirconia implants:

  • Orthodontist fee.
  • Location of the dental clinic.
  • Numbers of implants.
  • Bone grafting (if required).
  • Oral infection treatment charges (if any).
  • Tooth extraction charges (if needed).

Will Insurance Cover Zirconia Implants?

The majority of insurance providers do not cover dental care. Various individuals might obtain dental benefits as part of their insurance coverage, which their employer provides typically.

You might save money on dental procedures if you have dental insurance, including orthodontic covering. Examine your insurance policy to see what is covered for you. 

Most insurance providers now acknowledge that orthodontic treatment is about much more than aesthetics. Hence many patients will only receive a certain amount of the procedure.

Nonetheless, precisely the sort of therapy that is reimbursed may be restricted. Clear braces or clear aligner orthodontics, such as Invisalign, may require changes or fees, although metal braces may be insured.

Note: it is recommended to check in with the insurance company whether they reimburse zirconia implants or not. 

What are the Benefits of Having Zirconia Implant?

Zirconia Implants possess many benefits, which are as follows:

  • Gum darkening is less likely.
  • It can repair any type of missing teeth.
  • Exceptional mechanical qualities
  • Flexural strength is moderate.
  • Plaque is less prone to form.
  • Healing time is reduced.
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Bone restoration is possible.

Zirconia Implant at Dynamic Clinic Dubai:

We advised our patients to get treatment right away at a reputable dental facility. Many gum infections can arise when a tooth or teeth are missing. The significance of the course of action cannot be overstated. Please feel free to contact one of our experienced orthodontists to determine which procedures are proper for you. It’s never too late to brighten up your face with a beautiful smile makeover . Specialists are available at all times to assist anyone in this scenario.

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