What are Port Wine Stains and How to Get Rid of them in Dubai

Port Wine Stain is a skin discoloration that is most likely to develop on the body at the time of birth or shortly after it. It is usually caused due to vascular anomaly in which small blood vessels, capillaries, expand. The shape of these congenital spots can vary from individual to individual. Have them treated in a timely fashion, else it may lead to serious complications.

It is a common type of birthmark which can affect men, women, and children from all background and at all phases of life. It becomes darker and continues to grow over time. These birthmarks are everlasting which means they do not go away on their own. You should get treatments to make them invisible.

At first, it appears pink-red but with the passage of time, modifies its shape and color, and becomes red-purple. Congenital spots can be small or bury a large portion of the body. If you have it, you can seek medical help to get them removed. There are some effective and safe treatments by which you can reduce the appearance of your port wine stains in Dubai. Consult with an expert to select the most suitable option.

Are Port Wine Stains Harmful?

These red-purple colored stains do not harm the body in any manner as no serious health condition is linked to it. But with these marks, skin looks dull and less attractive so most people consider treatments for them.

Should I get Port Wine Stain Treatment?

Port Wine stains treatment is appropriate for a wide range of patient demands and requirements. You can try our topical products or in-office treatments to combat this skin problem. But before opting for any procedure, you have to make sure that you fulfill the following criteria:

  • You have a red-purple mark that is obvious on your skin
  • You want to get a smooth, clear, skin fast, and safely
  • This skin abnormality has affected your appearance and self-esteem
  • You do not have any stress-related problem
  • You have prepared yourself for doctor’s questions

How to Get Rid of Them?


There are some effective products available in the market that you can use to make your Port Wine Stains less apparent. But you should not use them without consulting with an expert.

IPL (Intense Pulse Light):

Port wine stains can be reduced with IPL therapy. In this therapy, a light beam is applied to the problem zone to remove them. While it provides long-term results but requires multiple sessions. Other than Port Wine Stains, it can treat rosacea, pigmentation, and acne as well. Ask your doctor about the benefits, risks, preparation, and aftercare of this treatment.

Laser treatment:

It is the most effective port wine removal treatment in Dubai. Most patients see a 70 percent reduction in their birthmarks with it. The doctor may suggest you get the treatment infancy in order to produce better outcomes.

What Should the Patient Expect After the Treatment?

Patients should expect swelling, bruising, and pain in the treated zone for one week. The side-effects linked to this treatment are minor and short-term so there is no need to worry about them.

Is it Effective?

Doctors might use a local anesthetic during the treatment to reduce the risk of pain. It is 100% safe as FDA cleared it for everyone, even for children. The treatment produces brilliant outcomes and it is really worth it.


After having port wine stains removed, you have to take care of your skin for a few days. Apply anti-bacterial ointment to reduce the inflammation. Protect your skin from direct sunlight to sustain the results for a longer period. Moreover, do not apply any makeup on your skin for some days. Get quality sleep and do not smoke cigarettes as it can affect the recovery. By following these instructions, you can get more improved results.


These capillary malformations can be corrected with our effective port wine stains in Dubai. You can get in touch with our dermatologist to discuss your concern in more detail. Fill the form to book your appointment with us.