Using ACell with PRP to Preserve and Thicken Hair

Most individuals choose Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy for various reasons, fundamentally in light of the fact that it offers a negligibly obtrusive and flexible answer for a scope of clinical and aesthetic worries. PRP is a concentrated type of a patient’s own blood plasma, wealthy in development variables and platelets, which assume a pivotal part in tissue fix and recovery. It has the ability to stimulate hair follicles, encourage the growth of new, healthier hair, and thicken the existing hair strands. But sometimes, people face hair loss even after opting for PRP. Therefore, doctors have come up with a solution of Using ACell with PRP to Preserve and Thicken Hair. 

What is ACell with PRP?

Acell PRP Therapy in Dubai is an innovative and advanced medical approach that helps to restore hair. It is a non-invasive strategy that only 20-40 minutes to complete. However, the doctors perform this procedure very attentively. Acell is a biological extracellular matrix that contains development variables and proteins essential for tissue recovery and healing. 

When joined with Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), which is obtained from the patient’s own blood and contains concentrated development factors, this treatment makes an intense combination. During Acell with PRP treatment for balding, it is infused straightforwardly into the scalp, where advancing the development of thicker, better hair follicles is accepted.


The thought behind this blended treatment is that Acell gives a framework to tissue repair, while PRP improves the recuperating system and invigorates hair follicles. During the consultation, the doctor surveys the patient’s balding condition and talks about treatment objectives. It is fundamental to decide whether the patient is a reasonable possibility for ACell with PRP Treatment.

  • In anticipation of the PRP part of the treatment, the doctor draws a limited quantity of the patient’s blood. This blood test is then handled in a rotator to isolate the platelet-rich plasma from the remainder of the blood parts.
  • At times, he blends ACell a biological extracellular network with the PRP arrangement. It accepts to give a platform to tissue fix. The mix of ACell and PRP helps to upgrade the regenerative impacts of the treatment.
  • Before he infuses the PRP-ACell combination into the scalp, he gives local anesthesia to the treatment region to limit inconvenience during the technique.
  • He then infuses the blend straightforwardly into the scalp utilizing a fine needle. The infusions are decisively positioned in the areas where hair development is wanted or where diminishing or balding has happened. The infusion cycle can require around 20-40 minutes, contingent upon the degree of the treatment region.


After the injections are complete the doctor suggests aftercare measures. However, the individual may require different sessions to get optimal results. But the first session may show some benefits. Accordingly, the doctor strictly advises to follow the measures.

  • Keep your scalp clean and relieved from debris or dirt.
  • Try not to wash the hair or scalp for like 24-48 hours after the technique
  • Utilize a gentle, without-sulfate cleanser when you really do wash your hair.
  • Shun uncovered the treated scalp to coordinate daylight or UV beams for basically a couple of days post-technique. On the off chance that sun openness is inescapable, wear a cap or use sunscreen to safeguard the scalp.
  • Try not to swim in pools, hot tubs, or any exercises that might lower the treated region for a couple of days to decrease the gamble of disease.
  • Shun utilizes hair items, like gels or styling splashes, on the treated region for a predefined period.
  • Keep away from exhausting activity, hard work, and exercises that cause over-the-top perspiring for a couple of days after the strategy.
  • Be delicate while brushing or brushing your hair to keep away from disturbance.
  • Go to planned follow-up arrangements and final detail meetings to screen progress and keep up with the ideal appearance.

Benefits of ACell with PRP:

The general objective of this treatment is to animate hair follicles, advance hair regrowth, and further develop hair thickness in people encountering balding or diminishing. While the methodology has acquired consideration for its expected advantages, its viability can shift from one individual to another, and results might find an opportunity to become recognizable.

  • Invigorates hair follicles for potential Hair regrowth.
  • Further develops hair thickness
  • May improve the general appearance of hair.
  • Insignificantly obtrusive with a generally fast recuperation.
  • Utilizes the patient’s own blood parts, decreasing the gamble of unfavorably susceptible responses or dismissal.
  • Can be altered to address explicit areas of going bald or diminishing.
  • Offers a feasible answer for different kinds of balding circumstances.
  • Considered protected with an okay of secondary effects when performed by a certified medical services supplier.
  • Results might be durable with intermittent support meetings.
  • Possible improvement in confidence and certainty for people managing going bald worries.

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