Spray Tanning Short Course in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Short Courses:

You can join our short courses to become a part of our institute. We have helped thousands of people around the world, by providing training programs on different beauty treatments. Our instructors teach the students everything they should know to become specially-trained technicians.

Both the beginners and advanced students can join us because, in the courses, students learn from the basics up to the preparation and application of the beauty procedures. However, students should expect to attend all the classes to be able to deliver the best customer service.

Spray Tanning Short Course:

With our 1-day spray tanning course, you can learn about the skills required to correctly perform skin bronzing. We will help you develop knowledge and a better understanding of artificial tanning. It is very important to obtain training and support from an experienced training provider and luckily, people praise our courses for being simple, informative, reliable, clear, and easy to understand.  The students leave our training institute with increased value to the clients and business. So, I can assure you that you would be capable of delivering excellent services to your clients after completing the course duration.

What will you Learn from the Course?

The course covers all those aspects of spray procedures that you should know to deliver perfect artificial tanning to your clients. So, by joining our short course on spray tanning you will,

  1. Have a better understanding of skin tones and tanning procedures
  2. Gather information on eye protection and other safety concerns
  3. Learn how to give a perfect spray tanning to your clients

Course Units:

Important units of Spray Tanning Short Course in Dubai & Abu Dhabi include,

  1. Basic knowledge of skin anatomy
  2. Contra-actions and contra-Indications
  3. Pre-procedural and aftercare guidelines
  4. Trying new techniques on live models
  5. Mastering products required for tanning
  6. Application and preparation of spray tan
  7. Hygiene, sanitation and safety protocols

What to do After your Training?

It’s a good idea to practice your new skills on friends and family to make sure you are fully trained at spray tanning. And it will also help you thoroughly understand everything covered in training classes and improve delivery quality and time.


Short courses at our academy can be completed in just one sitting as well as the training classes take only 40 to 60 minutes to complete therefore we can conclude that these course are not too time-consuming.


Training classes of spray tanning will be held at Al-Barsha heights/Dubai. Don’t skip any class and be there on time for your training.

Why should I join this Course?

Spray tanning is very popular all over the world. After completing the course, you would be able to start your tanning salon and provide professional tanning services to the clients. We are UAE’s leading spray tanners, our instructors have the ability to color-match the client’s skin complexion with the tanning material.

Why Choose Dynamic clinic?

We promise that Dynamic clinic will meet your needs because our instructors deliver the most up-to-date training to the students to fulfill all the training requirements. Joining us means you’ll obtain more than the standard first aid course. We are reliable, consistent, and always try to do our best to make the students happy and satisfied.

Book an Appointment:

On the appointment day, there will be in-depth discussion on beauty procedures between you and your trainer. So, if you want to get more information about the Spray Tanning Short Course in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, please fill the form, however, after submitting the form, you might be called for further confirmation.