Microblading and Defined Brows Training in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Microblading Short Course:

If you are willing to learn new skills to become a microblading artist consult our qualified practitioners. Dynamic clinic is a widely acclaimed and highly honored aesthetic education institute, with an established existence in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. But before getting an admission, you first need to understand what actually microblading is and how could you become a really trained microblading artist.

What is Microblading?

A semi-permanent tattooing technique to define the eyebrows, make them thicker, fuller, and more prominent. Practitioners perform this procedure by utilizing tiny, harmless, fine point needles in order to produce an illusion of fuller eyebrows. They deposit pigments in the skin and create hair strokes that look real and completely natural. This cosmetic procedure is in great demand as people today are more materialistic and conscious about their physical appearance. However, as far as the results are concerned, if the procedure is perfectly done the results could be really impressive.

Benefits of Microblading:

I guarantee you that it won’t be a poor investment as it provides many benefits. A few important ones include,

  1. No heavy machinery is required to improve eyebrow appearance
  2. Creates strokes that look completely natural and fine
  3. Affordable, cost-effective and trending treatment

Eligibility & Admission Requirements:

Any male or female who is interested in the learning technique of Microblading and Defined Brows Training in Dubai & Abu Dhabi can consider our short course. By our 3-day short course of microblading, you will learn the theory and practice of eyebrow procedures. And we can certainly ensure you that after completing our course you will know how to correctly define the eyebrows by staying inside the circle of safety. Besides, we will also teach you how to behave with clients, work with them, and provide them with a comfortable environment.

Course Components:

Our intensive microblading master class covers everything about the manual eyebrow defining treatments over 3 days of treatment course by internationally recognized beauty experts. After the course, you will be able to draw the new brow shape, micro-blade them semi-permanently. Course units include,

  • Microblading and defined eyebrow procedures theory
  • Mastering the use of a handheld device to create an illusion of thicker eyebrows
  • Understanding hair strokes color and texture
  • Gaining knowledge of skin types and tones
  • Demonstration and verbal instructions
  • Help you understand the right eyebrow shape and natural-looking color
  • Contra-actions and contradictions
  • Hazard reviews and safety protocols in the workplace
  • Pre-procedural and post-procedural instructions
  • Learning skin type & tone
  • Acquiring knowledge about skin type
  • Trying microblading technique on live models
  • Eyebrow designing, shaping, threading, and waxing
  • Formation of hair strokes that look real and natural

Course Assessments:

  1. Knowledge Assessments
  2. Practical Classroom Observation

Things you Should know About Microblading Short Course:


It is a three-day training course regarding best practices in the design and formation of natural-looking hair strokes. Our trainers adopt a step-by-step approach to fully guide the beginners so even if you don’t know anything about microblading, don’t worry it is still a good choice for you.


Our clinic is located at Al-Barsha Heights/ Dubai. Visit us, we will help you understand the course more thoroughly.

Why Choose Us?

At the clinic, the team members will happily assist you in acquiring skills that you should learn for becoming a microblading artist. We believe in providing quality services at affordable rates.

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