Defined Eyebrow Courses in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Defined Eyebrow Procedures:

Defined eyebrow procedures are very popular today. A lot of people including various celebrities are opting for them to enhance their facial appearance. The procedures can produce stunning changes in eyebrow shape by altering its width and height. Learn these grooming procedures so that you can frame the eyes, make them prominent, noticeable, and more attractive without going to the salon.

Everything you Should know about our Short Course:

It is not an easy task to produce perfectly full and groomed eyebrows without any training. With our 1-day treatment course, you can learn new skills and theoretical knowledge required to become an expert brow artist. Out trainers will tell you everything that you need to know about Defined eyebrow procedures. So, whether you are a beginner or have any previous experience in eyebrow treatments, you can get benefit from our defined eyebrows short course.

What are the Advantages of Brow treatments?

Our short course covers waxing, threading, tweezing, brow makeup, trimming, microblading, and more. We will teach you basics as well as advanced techniques for the application of artificial strokes in order to produce an illusion of thick and well-groomed eyebrows. Other important benefits include,

  • You can become an expert in eyebrow procedures in just one day
  • Face to face training sessions will help you understand the procedures better
  • Course fees are quite reasonable, almost every middle-class individual can afford it
  • Working on live models
  • The demonstration-based approach is used and we know that it is very helpful in warming up the brain of learning
  • You’ll be provided with all the necessary tools & equipment at no cost
  • It is not a bad investment as by gaining new skills, you can achieve defined eyebrow shape and natural-looking arches in a short period

Course Units:

Defined brows procedures coarse units include,

  • Understanding skin types, tones, and textures
  • Mastering the use of eyebrow designing tools
  • Pre-procedural instructions and aftercare
  • Contra-actions and how to fix them
  • Brow removal procedures demonstration
  • Practical and theoretical knowledge for effective learning
  • Practicing different eyebrow treatments on live models
  • Dramatic enhancements in brow appearance
  • Brow waxing, mapping, and design
  • Knowledge of makeup, especially brow products
  • Defined eyebrow procedures definition
  • Healthy, Safety, and environmental protection policies

Who can join our Short Courses?

Our short courses are ideal for anyone, belonging to any age group, gender, or background. Also, no previous experience in beauty treatments is required to join the courses. Over the course of duration, you will be trained for various complex eyebrow grooming procedures. Fill the consultation form or call us directly to get in touch with our trainers.


Short courses are usually set to the duration of 3-4 days however, Defined Eyebrow Courses in Dubai & Abu Dhabi require only one day for completion of a course of study.


Our training institute is located at Al-Barsha Heights Dubai. To know the exact location, contact us.