Body Massage Short Course in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Massages are done to help people relax, relieve their pain, and improve overall health. Body Massage alleviates muscle soreness, and stress, and promotes anxiety reduction.

Body Massage Short Course:

This two-sessions certified course is full of the information you need to know to become a masseur. It is well suited for those individuals who are looking forward to working in a massage center and want to start their own spa. Our instructors teach the students all the effective basic and advanced massaging techniques so that they can deliver perfect relaxing massages to their clients.

Course Units:

Body Massage Short Course in Dubai & Abu Dhabi has the following sections to cover,

  1. Safety, health, privacy, and hygiene protocols.
  2. Basic understanding of different Body Shapes.
  3. High-quality aftercare advice
  4. Preparation, planning, and consultations.
  5. Mastering express body massage techniques.
  6. Grasping skills on how to use various massaging equipment.
  7. Acquiring new knowledge on muscle attachments and movements.
  8. Theoretical and practical knowledge to give you a deeper understanding of concepts.

Certification and Licenses:

After successfully completing the training course, you will be given a diploma certificate issued by Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic in Dubai. The certifications not only show your commitment to the training but allows you to start your own massaging center.

What will you Learn from this Short Course?

In our 2-day training course, you will learn:

  1. Both the theoretical and practical skills needed to be an expert massage therapist.
  2. How to provide an honest consultation to your clients.
  3. How to Succeed as an expert massage therapist.
  4. How to give good comfortable massages to your clients.
  5. Information related to health and the human body.
  6. A better understanding of office work.
  7. Swedish massage, Lomi Lomi massage, Indian head massage, and stone massage.
  8. How to prepare your clients for a full body massage routine.


You will have 2 days of training on how to do body massages correctly and softly. Our trainers will teach you all the basic and advanced massaging techniques to help you become an expert massage therapist over the course duration.


Training classes for the Body massage course will be held at Al-Barsha Heights/Dubai. The training classes will enhance your critical thinking, and develop or refresh your existing skills. Besides, it will also increase your knowledge and improve your practical abilities.

Why Should I Join this Training Course?

Body massages are in great demand, they are very popular and a lot of males and females are opting for them. Also, it is a good source of treating depression and anxiety. Through this Body Massage Short Course in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, you are going to gain a wealth of knowledge and skills and would also be able to begin your career in this vast field.

How to Contact Our Team?

Our experienced, trained, and qualified instructors are always here to assist you. Book an initial consultation with our experts for free by filling out our online consultation form. All your questions will be answered in this session.