Acrylic Nail Enhancements Short Course in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Acrylic Nail Enhancement Short Course:

We announce acrylic nail enhancements short course to deliver awareness and skills among the individuals with the use of the specific procedure, tools, and techniques. However, these practices must be understood by everyone who’s willing to acquire this course. We offer the best trainers to provide opportunities for learning different Nail Enhancement courses. You can join our sessions to attain the complete information related to all aspects of nails like extension, blending, maintenance, and aftercare.

What is Acrylic Nail Enhancement?

Acrylic nail enhancement is the cosmetic preparation of nails by using different tools. This nail enhancement has gained popularity all over the world because of its long-lasting upshot. These types of Nail enhancements can be in different forms like overlays, sculptures, gel nails, or colored acrylic.

Course Aims:

The two major goals of this course are:

  • Develop skills of nail enhancement
  • Build professionalism

Course Benefits:

Acrylic Nail Enhancements Short Course in Dubai & Abu Dhabi provide all the tools and products which are required for a complete training course. Our courses are not brand specific, they are taught on a general basis by our professionals. Important benefits of this nail enhancement course include:

  • You will learn the strongest and long-lasting nail enhancement
  • You will be aware of all the nail shaping practices
  • Most profitable skill to learn
  • Knowledgeable staff
  • You will recognize all the hidden techniques
  • Different nail art practices are merged
  • High-quality products used in the right way leads to beneficial outcomes
  • Beginners can easily learn all aspects related to nail enhancements
  • After completing this course, you will be awarded a nail enhancement diploma

Course Units:

Our professionals deliver the best techniques to the applicants. By joining this course you will become a specialist in this field. Course units include:

  • Basic Nail examination
  • Variety of Nail shapes & types
  • Hygienic environment
  • Tools and techniques
  • Acrylic French Nails
  • Pre-care instructions
  • Acrylic Nail extensions
  • Removal of infill extension
  • Aftercare instructions

Course Assessment:

  1. Theory Assessment
  2. Practical observation


The duration of our acrylic nail enhancement course is only one week, you will learn all the aspects to become specialized in this field.

Entry Requirements:

There is no minimum entry requirement for this course. However, if you have previous knowledge related to nail enhancements it will be a plus point. Everyone interested in this course is suggested to review our manicure course details first.


Once you have completed your Acrylic nail enhancement course, you will receive a diploma from our academy. By completing this short course, the most cost-effective skill will become part of your life.

Why Choose us?

Our Beauty Academy is one of the most popular institutes which provides the best courses at affordable rates. We’re located in Al-Barsha Heights/Dubai. You will have complete knowledge about the nail enhancement procedures after having this course with us. Our professionals offer a unique atmosphere to deliver all the acrylic nail services including safety precautions.

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