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When you have pimples on your face, it lowers your morale and motivation. When your friend’s circle points out your unperfected skin, it is very embarrassing. It is a very common problem that affects all age groups, both males and females. It completely destroys your skin’s upper layer, and in some cases, it also damages you very severely, because you didn’t pay attention to these problems at the beginning. But don’t worry, we have a solution to make your skin clear. Acne Treatment in Dubai is gaining popularity because it is very reasonable and saves your money and produces excellent results, as well as making your skin smoother by removing acne scars. If you want to know the top dermatologist for acne treatment in Dubai, then keep reading, there are multiple helpful treatments that can fight your issues.

Reasons of Pimples:

There are multiple reasons which cause acne on your face as well as your body. Some main reasons are given below:

  • Pimples are because of stress.
  • Stomach problems lead to acne.
  • Hormonal irregularities cause acne.
  • Dust particles and sebum are blocked in the skin, which causes it.
  • It may be hereditary.
  • An extra amount of oil could be the reason.


A dermatologist in Dubai can effectively treat pimples ranging from mild to severe. If you fall into one of the following categories, you are a good candidate:

  • Applicants must not carry a child or nurse a baby.
  • You are over the age of 18, and you’re in good bodily and mental health.
  • If candidates want a non-invasive method.
  • You have active, mild to extreme acne.
  • If you have an oily face.
  • You have either acne vulgaris or acne Meccanica.
  • If it is a hereditary issue.

Process Advantages:

If you want a spotless and acne-free face, then these treatments deliver the desired outcomes, The method will be selected based on your skin type and the severity of your acne. The top seven advantages of acne treatments are:

  • delivers immediate and durable outcomes.
  • It lowers the chance of developing permanent scarring.
  • A non-invasive treatment for acne issues
  • It stops minor acne and stops spreading.
  • It eliminates current lesions in one motion.
  • By addressing the underlying problem.
  • It stops the emergence of new pimples.
  • Make the skin look clear and lovely by cleaning the skin’s surface.
  • Remove the oil glands from the upper layer.

Treatment Options:

Everybody likes to have acne-free skin since it can be extremely unpleasant and painful, but now you have multiple options to select the most suitable treatment by considering the severity of the disease, Pimple treatment in Dubai can help you get rid of the issue quickly and forever. 

  • Topical treatment.
  • Laser therapy.
  • Chemical peels.
  • Dermabrasion.

Topical Treatment:

  • A transdermal drug is one that is administered directly to the skin or to an area of the body. 
  • External medication, which includes a wide range of categories including balms, polyurethane foam, jellies, creams, and moisturizers, most frequently refers to applying it to the targeted area.
  • If your acne is mild to moderate, then this is a good method.

Laser Treatment:

  • Mild to extreme pimple conditions can be effectively treated by this process of phototherapy.
  • During the technique, the skin is exposed to infrared light to eliminate dead cells and extra sebum.
  • The outcomes totally depend on the condition of your targeted areas. It can be treated in the first session or it can take more time.

Chemical Peels:

  • Glycolic peels exfoliate the skin’s fragile outermost layer to treat acne.
  • To get rid of blemishes and pimples, the skin is treated with a suitable solvent of enzymes and other particular chemicals. 
  • This course of treatment is fast, completely secure, and shows effective results.


  • This procedure can be used to reduce acne and pimples and control breakouts.
  • A fine mist of minerals is sprinkled on the top layer of the skin during the procedure.
  • To effectively make the face beautiful and clear of acne.
  • It uses the exfoliating process.
  • It is a painless process and shows highly satisfactory outcomes.


At Dynamic Clinic has a highly qualified Top Dermatologist for acne treatment in Dubai. The cost estimate is 1,500 AED, but it is not fixed. It can be increased or decreased. There are some main factors that can alter the total cost, so before making an appointment let’s have a look at the following factors.

  • Each patient has a unique skin type and experiences various forms of acne and acne scarring. 
  • The size of the area a patient desires to treat also influences the price.
  • The price varies and might be high or low depending on the aforementioned factors.
  • If the expert is highly skilled, then they will perform an extra efficient process, and the cost will be altered accordingly.
  • The clinical location can also change the charges.
  • A repeat of the treatment can change the prices. If you want extra clean skin, then prices will be high.

Why Choose Us?

We have the top dermatologist for Acne Treatment in Dubai. They deliver extra natural outcomes. Initially, they examine the infected area, then they properly guide you about the most suitable treatment according to your situation, and they deliver you the most appropriate service with highly affected outcomes. They also guide you about the benefits of the procedure and its adverse effects too. If you want spotless skin and a permanent solution for acne, then fill out the below-mentioned form and get your first free consultation.