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For centuries people always believed in workout and dieting in terms of weight loss. However this year there are now new and more improved techniques that have made Weight loss much easier to achieve. Moreover the techniques are not bound with consistency and regularity.

Below mentioned are some best Weight loss in Dubai 2022 you will surely feel overwhelmed to learn about. 

What are the Main Causes of Weight Gain? 

weight gain is not just confined to one single reason but there can be multiple contributing factors such as: 

Huge Intake of Carbohydrates:

Do you know that your body is composed of carbon hydrogen and oxygen? The required amount of carbohydrates when exceeded,  can start getting deposited into your body system as a result leads to obesity. This is why carbohydrates should be used in minimum amounts. 

Underlying Medical Conditions:

Medical diseases such as Constipation often end up in weight gain. The body does not metabolize nutrition and it starts to accumulate even after absorption.

Hormonal Imbalances:

Thyroid is one of the major hormones in the body which is responsible for metabolism as well as all the primary functions in the body. Any imbalance in the associated hormones can lead to subsequent weight gain unwantedly.


Some candidates don’t just put on weight because of their diet or unhealthy lifestyle but also because it runs in their genes. Either of your parents are heavy and obese then it is very likely that such traits can pass on to you too. 

Why is Weight loss Important? 

 The reason why doctors and physicians focus on weight loss is not just for the sake of beauty and having an attractive profile, rather because excessive weight gain can give rise to secondary diseases such as Cardiac problems, cholesterol etc. 

What are the 2022 top Weight loss Programs? 


Liposuction is one of the fastest growing and the leading weight loss programs of 2022. People, especially those residing in Dubai choose liposuction if they’re unable to shed off stubborn fat by any other methods.

The procedure includes excision of deposited facts distributed in the various parts of the body. Once the fat is excised off the skin is then approximated and stitched back using fine threads.

Gastric Balloon:

Gastric balloon weight loss method has been used since years until date it has been effective in aiding weight loss.  this is how the method works: 

A tube is run across the mouth down into the GIT. Once it enters into the stomach a rubber like balloon is attached to the end.  This balloon gently puffs up into the stomach and gives the feeling of fullness. This property is then utilized as a feeling of fullness especially when any patient eats excessively.

GULF ( gastric. Ultra-light feeding ketogenic enteral nutrition) 

What are the Potential Risks associated with Weight Loss programs ? 

Every weight loss program may come along with some potential risks differently. however, following are some a side effects that are observed collectively: 

  •  Pain and discomfort after liposuction.
  •  Difficulty adjusting with the fullness especially after gastric balloon.
  •  sudden weight loss unexpectedly.
  •  difficulty in bending or stretching in case of surgical weight loss.

What is the Cost of the Weight loss Methods? 

 Weight loss programs cost differently for every method.  Our dynamic clinic is the best Weight loss clinic in Dubai, UAE. We 

suggests the candidates book an appointment with the consultant and the cost is then decided based upon the weight and comorbid of the patient.

Final Verdict!

Obesity and excessive weight gain is no joke. You need to treat it before it starts to cost your life and becomes threatening. A lot of people often have lost their lives just because of their weight and so seeking the Best Weight Loss in dubai 2022 mentioned above is highly recommended.