Tips For First Time Lip Fillers Or Injections In Dubai

Getting Lip Fillers or injections the first time? Here’s the complete guide for you! We want you to make comfortable throughout the procedure or even after that. 

Everyone knows lip injections or lip fillers in Dubai the quickest way for enhancing facial appearances. Fortunately with very little downtime. Still, some people are afraid of getting them. It might be due to undergoing a needle or perhaps the discomfort or indeed doubting of results. Though leave, whatever the reason behind this stress, this blog will be going to answer every single query of yours. As I have mentioned detailed Tips for First Time Lip Fillers or Injections in Dubai. But before I go into detail about tips, let’s first take a brief look at the concept behind Lip Fillers.

Lip Filler Injections:

This injectable technique is an on-going trend these days. It controls the lips volume exactly as per the demands. The high-definition plumper lips are achieved through this procedure is hardly 15 minutes. It works by injecting some dose of hyaluronic acid to give you pouty-lips deprived of any intense lines around the mouth.

The entire lip filler injections procedure is extremely safe but still, some general tips need to be considered for smooth and secured results. Proceed on for better understanding.

Top 5 Tips for Lip Filler Beginners:

Consider this in your very first Appointment:

While going for lip fillers the first time, you need to think about how big lips you desire. If they are only of the upper side or even both. Make sure that you communicate with our doctors properly by knowing them your medical condition and also the lips figure you’ve ever wished. This initial analysis will help a lot in acquiring the most anticipated lips results.

On the Treatment Day:

On the day of lip fillers treatment, arrive at the clinic with natural lips eluded of any makeup or cosmetic product. Along with this, try to escape the use of numbing cream, only when if you can bear the pain. This is because the usage of anesthetic ointment swells the lips and couldn’t let you identify the actual changes you got in your lips. It can be much helpful to see what exactly your lips appear before and after.

Things to avoid before and after Lip Fillers:

To have the secured lip filler procedure, strict yourself to some rules and regulations. Most likely our doctors will provide you a chart of instructs based on your health condition. It usually contains, what to do or what not to.

Tips for First Time Lip Fillers or Injections in Dubai? – In general, you just need to avoid waxing, tweezing, shaving, or any hair removal cream on the directed area. Preserve a healthy lifestyle by quitting smoke and alcoholic beverages. Inform our doctors if you’re taking any blood-thinning medications. Normally they advise to avoid them.

Topical ointments also need to be escaped.

The First Hour After Lip Fillers:

Bearing mild swelling and redness is usual in this era. Don’t plan something instantly after getting lip fillers as your lips might be swollen. Besides, by following some aftercare tips you can simply get rid of such lips condition safely. First of all, get indulged with every single guideline of your doctor. Use ice packs and get the prescribed pain killers if necessary. Escape unnecessary touching, massing, or rubbing the treated site.

Some General Tips:

Don’t get lip fillers if you’re a pregnant or lactating mother. Please let our physicians know if you have previously suffered from any facial cold sores. Also, inform them about your expectations regarding the procedure so they can treat you accordingly.

Apart from tips, don’t forget some aftercare notes. Please contact immediately to our experts in case you notice any of the listed problems.

  • High fever
  • Unbearable pains
  • Excess discoloration or patches

Let’s Wrap Up:

The Lip filler injections in Dubai procedure is super quick. At most, it takes half an hour not more than this and indeed the tips we have mentioned above, won’t let you go through any disease.

As a first time patient, our experts greatly focus on your goals, concerns as well as the health condition to advise you most reliable before and aftercare tips. We understand that every beginner is nervous at the start. That’s why our professional dermatologists pay excessive attention in the most first session for secured and stress-free lip filler procedure.

This blog explained almost all important Tips for first-time Lip Fillers or Injections in Dubai. Still, you want to know more. Contact our team.