Things You Should know About The Non Surgical Breast Lift

In past, mastopexy was the only way to correct sagging breasts but to date, various non-surgical treatments have been developed. Through these treatments, the sagging skin of the breasts can be lifted non-invasively, and without long recovery periods. Further, they don’t leave any scars on the body. Non-surgical options generally suit people who want mild to moderate improvements in their breast appearance because the upshots are not as prominent as those you achieve from breast lift surgery in Dubai.

In this blog, I’ll cover all those important things that you should know before getting a non-surgical breast lift treatment

Treatment’s upshots are not permanent:

The time results take to appear significantly depends on the type of treatment you’ve selected. E.g. the effects of breast lift with a laser will last for three to five years.

But in general, a non-surgical breast lift does not produce permanent results. In most patients, the upshots last for 3-4 years only. After this, the treatment must be repeated three to four times. But you can quit smoking, and utilize strong sunscreens to increase the longevity of the results.

8 Benefits You Can Enjoy after Non-surgical Breast Lift:

Certainly, the physical and emotional benefits of Non-surgical breast lift are endless. Some important ones include:

  1. Whether you’re 30 or 60 years old, you can get benefit from this incredible treatment. It changes you – from an unattractive physical look to a great, aesthetically pleasing appearance. It also boosts confidence and empowers the helpless.
  2. It allows you to have firmer breasts without going under general anesthesia.
  3. Upshots are reversible. If you aren’t satisfied with the results of the treatment, don’t be shy, tell your practitioner, and he will reverse these changes.
  4. Unlike expensive traditional breast lift surgery, non-surgical treatments are low-priced.
  5. Patients experience a quick recovery once the treatment is finished.
  6. There are no major side effects after a non-surgical Breast Lift.
  7. These treatments are less time-consuming than mastopexy.
  8. Does not involve potential scarring since the treatments are done without incisions and cuts.

Disadvantages of Non-surgical Breast Lift:

  1. One of the major downsides of Non-surgical breast lift is that the results are less noticeable than mastopexy. So, in view of this fact, it is not a good option for people who want to make big changes in their breast appearance. For women who have severe sagging breasts due to weight fluctuations, mastopexy is a good choice.
  2. It is not a single treatment, patients are highly advised to take at least 4 sessions to achieve the desired results. And please note that based on the total number of sessions, the treatment cost also varies.
  3. Though non-surgical breast lifts are safer and non-invasive they do involve some risks. You will be left with swelling, bruising, and itching in the treated site and it may last for 3-4 weeks.
  4. Even if it costs less to have a non-surgical breast lift than mastopexy but still the treatment is overall costly. The reason is that you need multiple sessions of one specific breast lift treatment in order to receive the changes that you want.

Treatment options:

Sagging breasts can be treated with various non-surgical treatments offered at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic. The three best non-surgical breast lift treatments are:

  1. Laser therapy.
  2. Thread lift.
  3. Thermage.

Laser therapy:

This treatment is typically done by a surgeon in his office. It’s an outpatient treatment so you will be allowed to return home immediately after it. In this type of breast lift, the surgeon uses Nd: YAG or Er: YAG laser to fix the sagging breasts. Laser tightens the existing skin tissues as well as produces new collagen inside the bosoms. This will give a prominent lifting effect on your bosoms. However, it should be noted that the results are quite slow. The treatment takes three to four months to produce the desired changes in the breast.


Instead of a laser, radiofrequency energy is utilized in this breast lift treatment. With the help of a special device, radio-frequency waves are targeted at the breast and the surrounding area to stimulate the natural healing response. Doctors typically recommend a series of 4 sessions over 3 months. You will be told about the exact number of Thermage sessions in the initial consultation session.

Thread lifts:

The mechanism is almost the same as the facial thread lifts. During this therapy, thin, fine threads are inserted under the skin to improve the appearance of hanging breasts. The threads will stimulate collagen growth and will give an instant lifting effect on the breast. The results of the breast thread lift last longer than the other two treatments. Women over the age of 50 are ideal for this type of breast lift.