The Ultimate Guide to Glutathione Injection for Skin Whitening

Skin whitening injections are getting into a common practice nowadays. Glutathione consists of anti-melanogenic properties that neutralize the effect of melanin. The point to ponder is what is the factor that causes the complexion to get dull and dark. Melanin is a colored pigment that is present in every individual. A special type of cell that is referred to as melanocytes release melanin. It aids in UV radiation skin protection. And also makes the skin darker in complexion. In contrast, glutathione is also a natural compound that helps to detoxify the body and eventually make it whiten. The decrease in the amount of glutathione may also cause the complexion to become darker. 

Glutathione in Dubai is gaining the attention of many clients as it is a non-invasive procedure and does not have any risks or complications. Moving to the nature of glutathione, it is a naturally occurring molecule that acts as an antioxidant. It reduces the oxidative stress of the body and detoxifies it. Similarly, glutathione injection helps to brighter the complexion of the skin by working on the same mechanism. Moreover, it also blocks the melanin-production enzyme that inhibits melanin production.

Ancient Asian culture also identifies the fair and brighter complexion as a sign of beauty and standard. They believe that a whiter complexion will bring peace to your life and it is also a sign of wealth and power. In addition, some Chinese women swallow whitening peals to get fair and flawless skin. Despite all this, people still consider lighter skin tones as a symbol of beauty, therefore they use skin whitening injections. In this article, you will get to know all pros and cons, results, and procedures of glutathione administration. It will be The Ultimate Guide to Glutathione Injection for Skin Whitening.

What is Glutathione?

It is a naturally occurring substance in the body that compose of three amino acids that are glycine, cysteine, and glutamic acid. It engages in immune system operation, the production of chemicals and proteins that the body requires, and tissue development and repair. In addition, it is not only useful for certain functions but also helps to detoxify the body which ultimately reduces the oxidative stress of the cells. Moreover, it also blocks the enzyme which is essential for the manufacture of melanin. A decrease in melanin production results in increases in glutathione. 

It is a nature of a human that he tries useful tips before opting for any treatment, especially in the case of the skin. There are thousands of home remedies that help to increase the production of glutathione which makes the skin more glaring.

  • As per studies enough amount of sleep helps to improve your optimal health and also improve the production of glutathione.
  • Eat foods that contain a high amount of sulfur because it contains numerous amino acids that aid in manufacturing glutathione. Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage can fulfill the need for sulfur.
  • Regular physical activity can also help to get rid of toxins and inflammations in the body, which will respectively increase the production of glutathione
  • Increase your intake of vitamin C by making a routine of eating citrus fruits, strawberries, papaya, and kiwis. It will help to detoxify your body which ultimately increases the glutathione amount.

With the progressing era, all and sundry want effective and faster results therefore they move towards synthetic ways. Likewise, these natural ways to increase glutathione give significant results after a very long time. Therefore, people use artificially made glutathione that can be taken up through oral and IV roots. The precursors of glutathione actually help to manufacture synthetic glutathione in a two steps process.

Side Effects:

There are several benefits of glutathione that is synthesized artificially. It not only helps to detoxify the body but also makes the complexion brighter and fairer. Furthermore, it also assists in improving physical and mental fatigue and reducing the signs of aging. As every picture has two sides, comparably glutathione also has some side effects. It does not cause serious consequences but may bring about temporary after-effects.

  • Allergic reactions 
  • Headache and dizziness
  • Skin irritation
  • Gastrointestinal disturbances
  • Breathing problems

How Does Glutathione Injection Work for Skin Whitening? 

Skin-lightening injections work by reducing the production of melanin in the skin. The active component of glutathione injection is cysteine, a progenitor amino acid of glutathione. It is a form of reduced glutathione that is synthesized commonly. The injection works by preventing the production of melanin by decreasing the activity of the tyrosinase enzyme. Tyrosinase activity lessens, which results in a drop in the generation of melanin and subsequently lighter skin. Injections of glutathione are frequently combined with other skin-whitening procedures such as laser resurfacing, topical creams, and chemical peels.

Melanin is a dark pigment that gives a tone to the skin. Melanocytes are cells that secrete melanin in the inner layer of the epidermis. Besides, it also reduces the risk of cancers in the skin. The amount of production of melanin decides the color of the skin. A greater amount causes the complexion to be darker. By the same token, a diminished amount brighter the skin. 

The skin-lightening infusion increases the amount of glutathione in the skin. It targets the melanin in the body. And reduces the production of melanin by inhibiting the enzyme that helps in manufacturing it. Moreover, it also aids in reducing the oxidative stress that causes due to melanin. Over and above that, there are some factors that may affect the effectiveness of glutathione. Those factors are as follows.

  • The dose of glutathione highly affects the results.
  • Regularity of the administration of injections.
  • Reliability and quality of glutathione.
  • The condition and tone of the skin.
  • The overall health of an individual may impact the effectiveness of glutathione.

How Long Does it Take to See Results with Glutathione Injection? 

There are several factors that affect the treatments but the most important factor is the skin tone of the client. If the person has a darker skin tone. It will definitely take more time to see the results. In spite of it, the type of glutathione, the frequency, and the dosage may also affect the results to appear after the treatment. Generally, it takes 2-3 months for the results to appear. However, it may vary according to the individual. The skin whitening treatments are now also available in oral form. The individual has to take medications with water and it will make the skin whiten. But it is not as effective as the IV administration of glutathione.

This is because it takes time for the oral medication to dissolve in the blood and produce its results. But in IV administration it is directly administered in the blood and produces more efficient and quick results. In case you overuse the glutathione injection, it causes potential side effects. It may disturb your gastrointestinal system. And may cause vomiting, headache, and skin rashes. The overuse may also lead to the reduction of natural glutathione production.

Are There Any Side Effects of Glutathione Injection for Skin Whitening? 

As every picture has two faces, similarly there are various side effects that can occur due to the administration of glutathione. It may cause skin irritation, dryness of the skin, and an increase in sensitivity to the sun. Yet it is not necessary that these side effects will occur in every individual. There are some side effects that may occur commonly in every individual. It includes abnormalities in the gastrointestinal and fatigue. Over and above that, the rare side effects are chronic liver damage, breathing problems, allergic reactions, and hormonal disturbance. These complications do not occur often.

These complications may occur when we use fake or low-quality glutathione. And it may also not bring about the desired results after the treatments. Since every problem has a solution. Likewise, the side effects can be treated if you follow the proper aftercare measures after the treatment. If you face any kind of side effects that you think are not good for your health. Immediately rush to your doctor. He will examine your medications to rule out if they are interfering with your treatment, if the side effects get more worsen he may stop the treatment for some time.

Is Glutathione Injection Safe?

Individuals opting for skin-lightening infusions have a major concern about the safety of the treatment. Since this procedure requires the direct administration of the product in the bloodstream. It should be safe enough that it does not cause any side effects. These injections are safe enough that they can not cause any sort of complications until and unless they are misused. Glutathione is a natural antioxidant that is present in our bodies. It helps to decrease melanin production. However, with increasing age, the production of glutathione decreases which ultimately brings about a decline in its quantity. The glutathione injections only fulfill the quantity of glutathione in the body and improve the complexion. This is the reason there are no hazardous risks and dangers that associates with this treatment. The side effects it causes are temporary and are resolved if you follow all the preventive measures before and after the procedure. 


Your dermatologist will inspect your skin and ensure that you are prepared for the therapy before beginning it. In order to reduce risks and any issues during the procedure, he will also inquire about your overall health. Like every treatment, he will also suggest following the guidelines before initiating the procedure to decrease further complications

  • Prior to treatment, avoid exposure to the sun.
  • The patient should disclose every skin issue should be disclosed to the dermatologist.
  • Someone who is allergic to this medication should not receive this therapy.
  • 24 hours before treatment, refrain from using harsh chemicals on the skin.
  • Consume a balanced diet.
  • Acquire a full night’s sleep.
  • Consume a lot of water.


These pre-procedure guidelines help you to prepare yourself for the treatment. Similarly, the aftercare measures aid you in achieving the effective results that you desire to get. Since this procedure is secure and non-invasive and it does not require a recuperation period necessarily. When the injection is completed, you can return home right away. But the administration of injection is directly into the vein so the individual requires care and instruction. For effects to remain longer, there are specific aftercare measures to follow.

  • Keep out of the sun
  • Consume a balanced diet and get enough water to stay hydrated.
  • Throughout the therapy, keep chemical items away from the skin.
  • Stop smoking.
  • Complete the session of the treatment.
  • Do not undergo any other procedure after the procedure.
  • Avoid strenuous activity after the treatment.
  • Make sure to avoid eating medications that may interfere with the procedure.
  • If you feel any discomfort or pain on the injection site, apply the cold pack to it.


After following the aftercare measures you will definitely get the desired and potent results. It will also help to decrease the risk of hazardous consequences that may occur after the treatment. There are some conditions that may contraindicate this procedure. If the person is facing these conditions and is willing to opt for this procedure, he is at the risk to aggravate these circumstances. Moreover, the aim of the doctor to examine past medical history is to rule out these conditions. The individual who has the following condition can not opt for the procedure.

  • Skin allergies
  • Allergy to medications like cysteine and sulfur-containing products
  • Has kidney or liver abnormalities
  • History or presence of seizures
  • Anyone who has an existing neurological disease
  • Bleeding disorder
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • Undergone any kind of treatment recently
  • Is suffering from cancer or at risk of it
  • Active infections

What is the Price of Glutathione Injection for Skin Whitening?

The price of glutathione ranges from AED 499 to AED 1499. Nevertheless, the cost of it depends on various factors and may differ according to every individual. The factors that affect the cost are the condition of the patient, the number of sessions required for the treatment, and the expertise of the doctor. You will get to know about the exact cost according to your condition and desired results after the consultation with the doctor.

How Long Does the Effect of Glutathione Injection last?

If the quality of the glutathione is good enough and you are taking the treatment from a well-known clinic. Then the results of glutathione may last for a longer period of time. However, the results are visible after two to three weeks but they may also vary in accordance with the individual condition.

Can Glutathione Injection Cause Skin Cancer?

The glutathione injections are safe to use because they are a natural component of the body. The acts as an antioxidant that detoxifies your body and reduces oxidative stress. These injections are not believed to cause. In fact, many researchers are working on this situation. However, there is still no evidence that glutathione causes cancer.

How to Maintain Skin Whitening after Glutathione Injection?

Once the treatment completes you can maintain its results by using natural methods and tips. The person should eat a healthy diet. And eat sulfur-rich foods, and increase your intake of vitamin C by eating citrus foods. Moreover, he should also drink a lot of water to flush out the toxins from the blood to preserve the outcomes of the procedure.

How Often Can I get Glutathione Injections for Skin Whitening?

Typically, the doctor suggests a specific amount of glutathione once or twice a week. Yet it all relies on the patient’s condition. The doctor will examine your condition and tell you about the frequency of the injection to achieve your desired results. Generally, he applies the injections with a gap of two to three weeks to get optimal results.


In this article, we have discussed all the aspects of glutathione. Briefly, it describes that the glutathione injection is a safe and effective method for skin whitening. But in some conditions, it may contraindicate such as kidney or liver disease, pregnancy, and neurologic disorders. Moreover, it also describes the pre and post-procedure guidelines to make the results effective and long-lasting. Brighter and fairer skin is becoming a standard of beauty for every individual. Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic in Dubai offers this treatment under the supervision of our well-qualified doctors who are highly experienced and skillful. So, this is the time to keep your fear of needles apart and give your skin the complexion you desire. If you want to know about more benefits of skin whitening injections then you should consult our doctors directly.

Injections of glutathione frequently help to lighten and whiten the skin. However, it also has associated risks. Although they could be helpful in certain situations, it’s vital to think about the dangers and side effects of taking Glutathione injections before starting therapy. Furthermore, it’s critical to get the advice of a licensed medical expert to guarantee that the treatment occurs appropriately and safely.