The Advantages of FUT Hair Transplant

There are many things that can lead to hair loss, but stress is one of the main causes. Stressors may have a negative mental, physical, or emotional impact on anybody. They may also cause significant hair loss, which might result in baldness. Anyone experiencing hair loss can receive treatment at Dynamic Clinic Dubai. Which provides efficient treatments. Depending on the degree and persistence of hair loss as well as how the hair loss began, FUT Hair Transplant in Dubai treatment is available.

What is FUT?

One of the surgical hair restoration solutions for both men and women is the FUT strip hair transplant. It works best for people who have permanent hair loss, baldness, or thinning hair. To collect the donor’s hair, a straight strip of skin with hair from the scalp’s baldness-resistant regions must be removed. The strip is then divided into individual grafts using a powerful microscope. Which is subsequently implanted into the scalp’s bald or thinning patches.


Candidates should determine whether they are the best candidates for this treatment in Dubai before undergoing the procedure. If any of the following apply to you:

  • Want to seem younger.
  • If you want to stop losing hair.
  • Irritated with utilizing natural treatments to address hair loss.
  • In general, you’re in decent health.
  • Most essential, you should anticipate that the therapy will work.
  • Patients above the age of 18 are eligible for this surgery.
  • Not have any serious diseases or blood sugar problems.
  • Losing self-assurance due to quick hair loss.
  • You are not a pregnant or breastfeeding woman.

Benefits of FUT Hair Transplant:

Discover six incredible advantages of FUT hair transplants by reading on.

Less Suffering, More Significant Gain:

The recovery from a FUT treatment is quite painless compared to earlier hair restoration techniques. The majority of our patients find that over-the-counter painkillers. Such as acetaminophen/Tylenol, is enough the night after their surgery. We numb your scalp throughout the process utilizing long-acting anesthetics. After 24 hours, almost all patients say they are no longer in discomfort. If Tylenol is insufficient, we offer a limited dose of prescription painkillers. Throughout and after the surgery, we care about your comfort.

More Follicle Transplants in One Session:

FUT Hair Transplant Dubai & Abu Dhabi offers a lot of benefits. The primary benefit of FUT is that it encourages a high hair output in the recipient region. If achieving fullness is your top priority, you should choose FUT treatment since it enables a surgeon to transfer up to 4000 follicles in a single session. 

Enhanced Confidence:

Your self-confidence may suffer severely and negatively as a result of hair loss. In reality, losing your hair can lead to anxiety, despair, and other emotional problems. In addition to having an influence on your sense of self-worth. Your self-confidence may benefit greatly from hair restoration. Additionally, our staff offers assistance before, during, and after your treatment. Because our doctors are aware of the emotional toll of hair loss. may take. 

Higher Rate of Follicle Survival:

FUT still has a greater follicle survival rate even if new technology has made it possible to increase follicle survival rates in FUE. As FUE enables a technician to select grafts at random, the technician may choose to use grafts from beyond the donor zone. Which causes thinning and hair loss as the patient matures. It is frequently advised for patients to choose FUT over FUE if there is little hair growth in the donor location.

Graft Quality: 

In FUT, the follicular units are meticulously segregated. While being observed under stereomicroscopes, maintaining their protective layer.  By choosing FUT you can have fuller and thicker hair. FUT produced high-quality grafts. However, because the top of the follicle can be seen during FUE, there is a risk associated with transacting the follicular units. Which results in a lower quality of output.


How much hair you intend to have transplanted will greatly influence the cost of the procedure. It will be less expensive to add hair to a few spots as opposed to the complete scalp, and vice versa. It is not generally covered by insurance policies. Transplants include some problems, such as bleeding and infection, like any type of surgery. But these are minimal when carried out at a reputable facility run by a board certified plastic, cosmetic, and hair transplant surgeon. The best way to determine the cost is to visit with a board certified plastic, cosmetic, and hair transplant surgeon. There are additional factors that influence the overall cost of hair transplantation as well.

Free Consultation!

Before receiving the FUT Hair Transplant in Dubai, we advised that you speak with a specialist. You can learn the answers to your questions by contacting us. Additionally, in order to achieve outstanding outcomes, you must choose a board-certified hair transplant surgeon with expertise. All of our doctors at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic Dubai have extensive training and are board-certified. You can reach out to us at any time. All of our patients are eligible for a free first consultation.