hair transplant cost affect


Hair transplant treatments are very complex techniques and they require a great deal of knowledge as well as the professionalism of the surgeon matters a lot. You just cannot book a consultation and get the treatment the very next day, there are many things that you need to keep in mind since you will be paying a lot for it. The reason why hair transplant Dubai is expensive is because it is worth it.  a lot of the people often feel disappointed because of its price. Here are some factors that will help you identify the factors that affect the cost of hair transplant.

1.) The size of the scalp 

The first and the foremost factor on which the cost of a hair transplant depends upon is the size of the scalp. It’s simple as that the larger the size of the scalp the greater would be the follicles required to be grafted and it will genuinely take longer for the surgeon to work on such a scalp.

2.) The number of follicular grafts 

A lot of the clinics charge the treatment based on the number of follicular units  to be grafted onto the scalp surfaces. The larger the amount of follicle grafts the greater is the cost.

3.) The kind of treatment method 

A lot of the costs are based on the method of the treatment generally in Dubai there are two successfully running methods PRP FUE. The PRP in Dubai is comparatively more expensive than FUE because the technique is the latest and the series of steps are multiple.  Some clinics would charge more for FUE because FUE requires extraction of multiple single follicles  from the donor.

4.) The complexity of the technique 

As mentioned above, PRP has a series of multiple steps and so the technique becomes very complex. On the other hand FUE is also equally complex and is a quite time consuming process since the extraction of hundreds of follicles can be quite lengthy.

5.) The experience of the surgeon 

It is quite legit for a surgeon to charge according to his experience. The experienced the surgeon the better would be the outcomes of the hair loss treatment Dubai .

6.) The qualification of the team 

It is not just the surgeon alone who is responsible for carrying out the procedure. The entire team that works with the specialist are involved equally. The surgeon is just bound to do the major step of the treatment whereas the allocated team members do the major procedures from preparing the patient to delivering the patient to the recovery and this also requires sound qualification.

7.) The area and locality of the clinic 

If you choose a clinic that is situated in a very posh or spectacular area then know that the clinic would generally charge you greater than the other clinics.

8.) The fame and success of the clinic 

A well versed and top notch clinic would legit charge you higher than the other clinics. This is because they are confident about the success their clinic both provides in the form of the treatment.

9.) The age of the candidate

According to surgeons and specialists it is easy and convenient to carry out hair transplant procedures on young patients as their blood flow and supply is adequate and their skin is not very hard to deal with. This is not the case with the elderly or the older aged candidates therefore some surgeons would subject higher fare for older candidates. 

10.) The initial stages of the treatment 

A hair transplant treatment before getting started always requires an initial consultation. Some clinics normally don’t charge for the initial consultation and so the treatment package is fairly reasonable however some clinics charge starting from the consultation up till the follow up and so this makes the treatment quite expensive. 

The bottom line 

 It is very important to choose a clinic for hair transplant in Dubai very wisely because you will be investing a lot of your money and only a genuine clinic like the Dynamic Clinic values the money of their precious candidates.