Take the Stress Out by Facelift Surgery Dubai

Things you should know about Facelift Surgery:

It is the fact that face is the first thing we notice when we meet someone new so it should be attractive. Two things that make the face attractive are youthfulness and juvenility. Is it possible to get back the lost facial glow through any cosmetic surgery? Fortunately, Yes! By undergoing Facelift Surgery you can improve the overall appearance of the face and make it look young for several years. It reverses the aging signs and slows down the negative effects of weight loss. The procedure can take from 4-6 hours depending on the results the patient wants.

It is best to consult an expert before deciding to have the surgery because obviously, he can tell you better whether you are suitable for it or not. Discuss with him your goals and ask him about all the possible face-lifting procedures and then choose a well-suited one. Facelift surgery is best suited for people who are in their 40s and 50s. Some doctors recommend patients get facelifts in conjunction with neck lift surgery to obtain more dramatic results.

Cost of Facelift Surgery:

Another important question that arises while deciding on getting surgery is the cost. It is impossible to tell you the exact cost because it varies from individual to individual depending upon different factors. Ask the doctor about your facelift surgery cost during the initial consultation session.

When it comes to side effects, they are minimal and can be tolerated. Immediately after the surgery, there will be some soreness, bruising, and discomfort in your face but don’t panic it is normal. It is important to note that the results of a facelift will appear when all these side effects subside so be patient to see them. Unlike other cosmetic surgeries, there is no risk of complications and botched results from the surgery. The only thing you have to do is to make sure that your surgeon is experienced.

Non-surgical Facelift:

You can obtain face-lifting effects both surgically and non-surgically. In a non-surgical facelift, no cutting, stitching, or general anesthesia is required so it might be considered a good option. During the procedure, specially prepared injections are injected into the face to fill the wrinkles and eliminate saginess from the face. The injections plump the sunken areas and result in a more youthful facial profile. The downside of a non-surgical facelift is that the results produced are neither immediate nor they last for years so if you want immediate and permanent results you should go for Facelift Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Is it possible to get a Facelift with a Laser?

The Laser Treatment can be used to reduce wrinkles, creases, brown spots, and sagginess but it cannot minimize sagginess as much as a facelift surgery does.

What a Facelift surgery can do?

A variety of techniques can be adopted by the surgeon to help people achieve an ideal facial aesthetic. Facelift surgery is the best choice for all those people who suffer emotional exhaustion because of aging signs and looking for an immediate solution. The surgery reduces the appearance of aging signs and makes the face look younger and more beautiful. It eliminates sagging skin, wrinkles, frown lines, and skin folds from the face. As a result of the surgery, your face will be lifted and your skin will be tightened. To become a perfect candidate for Cosmetic Surgery you have to make sure that your skin has good elasticity and it is free from infection and allergies.

Take care of yourself after getting Facelift surgery?

Yes, to maintain the tightening and lifting effects for a longer period you have to take good care of the treatment site for some days. Avoid touching, scratching, or applying pressure on your face, and sleep with your head elevated to minimize the risk of complications.

How long do the Effects Last?

The effects of facelift surgery last longer than the non-surgical facelift procedure. They can last up to 10-15 years if maintained properly.

You can improve the longevity of the results by considering the following points:

  • Avoid alcohol and cigarettes.
  • Select a qualified and experienced surgeon.
  • Follow all the aftercare instructions given by the doctor.

Why choose us?

Facelift surgery has gained a lot of popularity all around the globe due to its outstanding results. If you also want to enjoy its benefits you can visit Dynamic Clinic. We are offering this cutting-edge procedure at an affordable price. Our surgeons are experienced, and trained and use modern-day surgical techniques to provide the best possible results to the patients.