Subcision Treatment for Acne Scars in Dubai

Acne scars are the worst thing anyone can experience on their face. They are very stubborn and unknowingly destroy a person’s self esteem. A lot of the people are bullied for acne scars and there is not much one can do about it apart from just grieving for it.  A Subcision is a kind of procedure that works like wonders and acne scars. It is basically a minor non-invasive surgical procedure that can genuinely clear off acne scars and leave a completely blemish free and clear skin.  The surgery requires a lot of patience and compliance both by the candidate as well as the expert himself.  Our Dynamic Clinic is the best skin care clinic in Dubai that is providing Subcision  treatment for acne scars and have satisfied almost all the patients who came with the acne related problems.

What is Subcision Treatment For Acne scars?

Over the years a subcision treatment is used in order to diminish acne scars by bringing them up to the skin surfaces for removal. Subcision is a kind of procedure that requires an insertion of a needle to release the scars that have become embedded into the skin tissues deep down. 

As soon as a scar is brought onto the surface  It stimulates the production of new collagen. This collagen is then responsible for rejuvenating and helping improve the texture of the skin. 

Why Choose a Subcision Treatment For Acne Scars? 

The reason why subcision treatment for acne scars in Dubai is raging is because

  •  it promotes the production of collagen.
  •  Imparts the indentation caused by acne scars.
  •  clear’s off the surface.
  •  improves the texture of the skin at the target area.
  •  Has a lesser down time.

What Kind Of Scars Can Be Treated By Subcision Treatment?

Apart from hyperpigmented scars Subcision treatment works best on indented scars these are those that are deeply embedded into the skin making the outer surface of the skin very textured and irregular thus there are two types of indented scars known as rolling acne scars and the box-scar acne scars. 

How Is The Subcision Treatment Carried Out

The subcision acne scar treatment needs to be done by a skin expert and professional. Never ever go for any inexperienced person because the technique is quite complex and if done improperly can lead to serious problems.  this is how the treatment procedure is carried out: 

  • The aesthetician will first try to insert the fine needle into the skin.
  • As soon as the needle enters into the skin it breaks down the fibers that  pull the scar downwards. 
  • The surgeon will rotate and move the needle such that the fibers present below the dermis will break and will induce the growth of new collagen that will eventually raise the scar to the surface. 

Risks Associated With Subcision Treatment For Acne Scars:

With every pros comes the cons and risks. Subcision acne scar treatment when carried out by an inexperienced professional then there are: 

  • Chances of hematoma formation.
  • Swelling.
  • Bruising.
  • Pain.
  • Discomfort.
  • Excessive bleeding.
  • Numbness at the targeted site. 

How Many Sessions Are Required For The Treatment? 

It requires about two to three sessions for subsequent treatment results. However, your expert would suggest the actual number of sessions. 

What Is The Cost Of Subcision Treatment For Acne Scars in Dubai?

The cost of subcision treatment for acne scars in Dubai is strats from 500 AED per session. The treatment will be reasonably fair and have proven & long lasting results.


 It is always better to choose treatment that has long term effects rather than those that are attracted in the name of immediate results. Although subcision treatment for acne scars in Dubai would take a few weeks to show complete results, their outcomes will be long lasting and permanent.