Strawberry Birthmark Removal in Dubai

Happy Parenting!

Becoming parents is the most beautiful and precious feeling someone can ever have! 

This most precious feeling makes us so happy and overly responsible at the same time. We look after every little thing of the baby and become highly possessive even if there is nothing to be worried about. But there are a few problems which need to be solved asap if they can lead to discomfort. One of them is strawberry birthmarks which are non-cancerous but can be worrisome for the parents. 

Dear Newbie Parents, We wish you luck and happy parenting with the excellent news that We offer the fantastic therapy for Strawberry Birthmark Removal in Dubai!

What is a Strawberry Birthmark?

Strawberry birthmarks are the cluster or a group of tiny blood vessels which form underneath the skin and are raised like red, rubbery, bumpy strawberry-like patches. These extra blood vessels or strawberry birthmarks are generally benign and begin after birth within a month or present since birth. 

Types of Strawberry Birthmarks

These birthmarks vary in size, shape, and appearance and can occur anywhere in the body. They are classified into three types:

Superficial Strawberry Birthmarks

They usually grow on the skin’s surface, and their appearance is similar to the berries or strawberries. They appear like tiny red, white or pink growths that grow rapidly and quickly change their appearance and colour. 

Deep Strawberry Birthmarks 

Deep strawberry marks grow underneath the skin in the deep layers, have a smoother surface and form like bulges. They are swollen, resemble bruises and have a bluish or purplish tint appearance. 

Mixed Strawberry Birthmarks

They are a mixture of both superficial and deep marks. Mixed marks are swollen; they look a little bit like superficial ones as they appear to be red and form inside the skin like deep ones.

As they go away over time, some are large, usually on the face, and need to be removed before they start causing discomfort, permanent scars, and interfering in the other body functions.

Are There Treatments Available for Strawberry Birthmark Removal in Dubai?

Usually, most of these marks are not treated as they go away over time. But if they bleed or cause irritation or vision problems, they need to be eliminated. Several following treatments are used to remove the strawberry birthmark:

Topical Medications

Medications are the first and the foremost preferred treatment for strawberry birthmark removal. The dermatologist’s prescribed medications contain beta-blockers that efficiently and effectively let the strawberry marks shrink, stop them from further growing and eventually fade over time. 

Laser Treatment

Laser strawberry birthmark removal is performed for children aged 6 months to 12 months. The treatment helps treat the marks, which are open sores and bleeding. The dermatologist applies the laser light and heat to the spots, making them lighter in colour and more petite.

Surgery for Strawberry Birthmark Removal

The doctor sometimes recommends the surgery, but it will depend on where the marks are in the body. Surgery is only performed when the baby turns 5, and the strawberry marks cause difficulties in body function like breathing. Surgery is usually done for the smaller birthmarks and for rare cases. It usually leaves scars and can also damage the other connective tissues. 

Birthmark Removal Dubai Cost

The Birthmark removal cost in Dubai roughly starts from 600 AED. The price varies from person to person, the number of marks a patient wants to treat, the condition and the location of the strawberry birthmarks, chosen customized therapy, the practitioner’s expertise and the fee, and last and most important hospital’s place and their facilities. 

The patient will be informed about the price in consultation with the expert pediatricians in Dynamic Clinic. 

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