On average, a smile makeover cost between AED 18000 to AED 35,000 in Dubai, depending on the services you pick. For different outcomes, the procedure can require more or fewer treatments, expertise, and time, and thus the cost varies a lot.

About Smile Makeover:

Through a Smile Makeover, you renovate your smile into your definition of more beautiful you! It gives you healthy bright teeth and a contoured face. The dentist effectively decides the combination of surgical and non-surgical procedures to help you meet the desired goal. He can use veneers, bonding, bleaching, or implants for this purpose, which also means that the smile makeover can be easily tailored to your unique requirements. Remember, it must be performed by the right dental surgeon who has years of experience performing dental procedures, understands your requirements, and could give you the desired results by employing the right systems to fix your smile. So, how much does a Smile Makeover Cost in Dubai? We would like to give you an average cost. Keep reading to find out.

Average Cost:

On average, a smile makeover in Dubai can cost AED 25,000. The cost depends on the types of procedures that are performed, the complexity of the operation, the skills of the dentist, and the practice’s location. Regardless, for the best results, it’s vital that the dentist customizes the procedure to the patient’s needs, which means that the price tag will also vary.

Let’s look at each of these factors more closely:

The Type Of Procedures Performed:

During a smile makeover, several different procedures may be carried out in order to meet the desired goals. Here are some of the most common procedures dental surgeons can use:

  • Veneers
  • Crowns
  • Implants
  • Whitening
  • Bonding
  • Scaling and polishing

At the initial consultation, the dentist will determine which combination of procedures would be most ideal for your needs

The Complexity Of The Procedure:

When more complex procedures are needed during a smile makeover, or when several different procedures are performed, this can affect the cost of a smile makeover.

Dentist’s Fee:

Some dentists charge more than others. Range differences tend to be linked to the experience and training of the professionals as well as their skill and reputation. Anesthesiologists and other surgical fees are deliberated when it comes to the prices of the treatment.

Location Of The Practice:

The location of the practice can also affect the cost of a Smile Makeover in Dubai. Because we have been practicing for many years, our procedures are slightly higher than they would be in metropolitan areas.

Payment And Financing Options:

Since the cost of a smile makeover can vary a fair amount, we provide payment plans and financing options to patients to put their procedures within reach. By dividing the total cost of a makeover into monthly installments, patients are better able to achieve their aesthetic goals without putting too much of a financial load on their pocket.

Discussing Smile Makeover Cost:

If you are wondering about smile makeover for your desires, it’s essential that you visit the dental clinic for a consultation. During the process, the experts can let you know which treatments are best for your needs and propose an estimated cost of a smile makeover. They will also discuss payment options and the risks and benefits involved.

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