Slimming Treatment Pros and Cons in Dubai

Slimming surgeries including the bariatric surgeries have become one of the top following trends in the UAE and so keeping its success in mind we get to cater about thousands of patients with such surgeries. However there are some considerations like Slimming treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi that you should know in order to decide which surgery is suitable for you. Let’s dive into the details. 

Our Dynamic Clinic is the one of the top and renowned clinics in the UAE because of its successful outcomes in Laser Treatments more specifically in the area of weight loss and slimming surgery.

What are some of the Common Types of Slimming Surgeries in Dubai? 

before describing about the pros and cons of the slimming surgeries here are some of the commonly performed surgeries in our clinic: 

Gastric Bypass:

Gastric bypass is a kind of surgery which is commonly run in practice especially in our clinic. The surgery works by removing a portion of the stomach along with the removal of the small intestine. When both of the structures are reduced, they are then tired back. The goal of this surgery is to shorten up the pathway as well as limit the rate of absorption of food into the body.

Gastric Balloon:

If you want to know about the Slimming Treatment Pros and Cons and Dubai are important to acknowledge so that candidates can choose the best surgery accordingly. 

 you should be well aware of a major procedure that is known as gastric balloon. Gastric balloon is the most commonly carried out procedure in our Clinic. The treatment works by inserting a silicon balloon into the stomach to fill up the entire space of it. It comes along with some major shows and cons you should surely learn about.

Laser Liposuction:

Among all the slimming surgeries run in our clinic the Laser Liposuction is one of the least invasive of all. The reason being, it is devoid of any surgical intervention and the results are equal as the other treatments. 

What can be the Pros and Cons of Slimming treatment in Dubai

The Pros of Slimming Treatment:

Increases Life Expectancy:

Studies have proved that candidates who undergo slimming surgery have an increased mortality rate. This is maybe because of the decreased risk of heart diseases. 

Reduces the Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases:

Your cardiovascular system is one of the most important systems in the body deposition of cholesterol and fat into the arteries can be an alarm in situation for obese people therefore Slimming Treatments in Dubai can reduce the level of fat in the body and its further deposition into the blood circulating arteries. 

Relief of Sleep Related Problem:

Candidates and patients who are overweight and obese are very likely to have problems related to sleep apnea. Slimming surgery can help in reducing such problems and maintain your sleeping patterns along with regulating it.

Helps in Relief of Joints pain and Muscular spasms:

The lesser the weight your lower extremities wear the lesser will be the pain in the joints. Your knee joints are the ones that bear almost the major portion of your body weight. In case of extreme weight they tend to become inflamed and then lead to pain. Having an optimum weight either achieved through surgeries or by regular workout can relieve such pain and ailments. 

Improve your Lifestyle:

people who are overweight experience a very unhealthy lifestyle. The daily life activities and curses make them feel a lot of burden. Slimming surgery may help you out in terms of feeling lighter and more active.  

Promotes better Mental well-being and state:

When you have a very well maintained physical appearance then your mental state also feels a lot more relaxed and euphoric. Candidates who are overweight often are accustomed to bullying and body shaving this in-return causes havoc in their mental state. To limit the rate of depression and anxiety it is very important that you are outer appearance is:

 The Cons of Slimming Treatment: 

  • Has risk associated with certain medical conditions
  • Can lead to mental disturbances
  • May require some additional surgeries
  • Can leave a scar mark

How can the Risks of Slimming Treatment be Limited?  

The best method to get over the risk associated with the Slimming Treatments is to follow the post treatment care instructions cleanly. Physicians and surgeons pressurize their patients to follow the post treatment instructions wisely because the success, results and healing depends upon how you have taken care of the treatment later on. Secondly to limit the risk it is important that you never miss any follow up.

On the other hand you should also play your part, if you notice any condition arising a few days or hours after the surgery then do report to the clinic on time this can prevent any unavoidable circumstances then and there. 

The Final Verdict:

We advise you to follow and learn about the Slimming treatment Pros and Cons in Dubai very thoroughly so that you can know about the outcomes after the surgeon has prescribed you the recommended surgery. Our team of top bariatric surgeons have been providing slimming surgeries for years now. Fortunately,we have not received any negative feedback yet and so we recommend you to grab your appointment for slimming surgeries right now.