Slimming Surgeries in Dubai

Is there something more terrifying than stubborn fat? Obesity affects many of us, serving as a reminder of reality, challenging our self-esteem, and frequently being difficult to talk about. All of you put more effort into dieting and working out but are unsuccessful in achieving your desired goal, which leads you to hopelessness. It’s not inevitable that being overweight will lower your self-esteem for the rest of your life. You deserve the best weight loss surgery as bariatric surgery is booming. Bariatric surgery is a branch of medicine that combines manipulations and surgical procedures with the goal of reducing total body weight, treating obesity, and preventing and treating disorders linked to obesity. The effectiveness and safety of Slimming Surgeries in Dubai have been established through years of use and the outcomes of clinical research. They provide a scientifically based approach to battling excess weight. These days, you can execute procedures using laparoscopic techniques through tiny punctures.

What Are The Goals Of Slimming Treatments?

The treatment of obesity and comorbidities can be managed surgically in a variety of other ways with slimming procedures. Some of the techniques work by delaying the passage of food and extending the sense of fullness without altering the physiological process of digestion. Radical techniques alter the anatomy and role of the digestive technique, reducing nutrient, fat, carbohydrate, and calorie absorption.

Treatment Methods:

You can easily lose weight and reshape your body by using thorough laboratory diagnostics. The following are popular and effective invasive and non-invasive methods.

Gastric Banding:

The idea behind the surgical weight-loss procedure known as a Gastric Band in Dubai, it helps to tighten the stomach at the edge between the upper and middle thirds in order to slow down the passage of food. A ring is placed on the stomach’s outer wall during surgery, which narrows the organ’s lumen and restricts the passage of food into the small intestine. The integrity of the organ is not compromised during the procedure. The natural movement of food through the gastrointestinal tract and the physiology of digestion are both included. There is no disruption in the absorption of vital nutrients, including vitamins and minerals, in the process.

Gastric Ballon:

A Gastric Balloon in Dubai is a highly effective method to eliminate excess fat patches. A silicone balloon has been implanted into the organ and is then sealed with saline to diminish the stomach’s effective volume. It is a non-invasive approach to weight loss that is utilized when patients are able to inject anesthesia. The protection of normal gut function is another advantage of this weight loss method. All necessary nutrients are completely absorbed. The procedure’s outcome is reversible.

Gastric Plication:

It is an adjustment to both the above-discussed surgical methods. In contrast to a sleeve resection, gastric plication does not involve cutting out a portion of the organ. By imposing longitudinal stitching on the side wall of the abdomen, the stomach is stitched during the procedure. The effective volume of the organ is decreased to 100 milliliters during surgery by the surgeon placing a longitudinal suture along the side wall of the organ. This weight-loss surgery does not compromise the organ’s structural integrity. The performance of digestion is not involved, nor is the motility of the digestive tract. All medications and necessary nutrients are completely absorbed. The procedure’s outcome is reversible, leaving

Gastric Bypass:

A major surgical procedure known as a Gastric Bypass in Dubai lowers the size of the belly and creates a connection between both the abdomen and the small intestine to address obesity and associated disorders. The top part of the belly is segregated during surgery, which significantly reduces the substance of the organ. And it connects gastrointestinal anastomosis or stitching the small intestine to the previously separated decreased section of the stomach, which is the second stage of the procedure. This procedure has long been regarded as a high standard in bariatrics, having been used since the method’s inception. Patients lose 80% of the extra weight without having to adhere to tight calorie limitations.

Advantages Of The Treatment:

Sliming surgeries are not only used for Weight Loss and body reshaping but can also assist you with several obesity-related health issues. These health issues consist of

  • Diabetes type 2
  • NIH External Hypertension Association
  • The NIH has an external connection to heart disease.
  • High levels of cholesterol
  • Fixed nappy apnea
  • Urinary Tract Infections
  • Assist with hip, knee, and other joint pains.
  • Surgery to lose weight can increase a person’s life if they are extremely obese.

After surgery, you might be more mobile and able to engage in physical activity. You might also feel more positive and notice an improvement in your mood. Additionally, when you achieve a healthier weight, you might be able to take fewer medication prescriptions, which helps ease the financial pressure.


TheCost Of Slimming Surgeries in Dubai, at Dynamic Clinic, is not constant or fixed because different procedures are utilized to eliminate different types of fat patches from the body, and each process has distinct functionality and purpose, so it will cost differently. The expenses range from 14,000AED to 30,000AED, but it depends on multiple factors, including:

  • The selection of the treatment option.
  • The severity of the fat patches.
  • The clinical location of the center.
  • The expertise and knowledge of the doctor.

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