Skin Whitening for Men In Dubai

With the passage of time the need and demand for having a clear, light and brighter skin has also increased. Men normally have a more hyperpigmented skin as compared to females this is generally very disturbing for some males especially for those who are much concerned about their skin. Our clinic offers glutathione injections as a mode of treatment for Skin Whitening in Dubai. First of all, here are some key benefits of glutathione and how men can benefit from choosing it as their treatment of choice for a clear, bright skin.

What are the Causes of Pigmentation?

  • Excessive exposure in the sun.
  • Working in an atmosphere where it is very hot.
  • Hereditary.
  • Extra sweaty skin.
  • Any previous scar or chemical infliction on the skin that has left pigmented areas.

Why do Men have More Pigmentation than Females?

Despite all the multiple over-the- counter creams and serums sold for skin whitening, men still don’t benefit much from them. This is because men have greater levels of hyperpigmentation in their skin as compared to females.

The main and common reason for increased hyperpigmentation in men is basically because of the raised level of hormones that are known as testosterone. 

It is the male secondary sexual hormone which is responsible for the development and maturity of the characteristics in them. Among those characteristics skin darkening or pigmentation is one that is quite evident.

What are the Treatment Options Available for Skin Whitening in Men?

As far as the treatment options for Skin Whitening in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is concerned the major treatment that is running successfully is glutathione injection. However other treatments such as whitening serums, pills, are also available and even provided by our clinic but our physicians recommend that glutathione is very beneficial if you want an instant brightness and skin clarity.

How Does Glutathione Work for Skin Whitening in Men?

A glutathione is a protein based agent that is responsible for eliminating the  free radicals from the body that are responsible for skin darkening and hyperpigmentation injection works like an antioxidant and is generally very helpful in building up the skin’s collagen and clearing it off.

The major proteins that are responsible for skin whitening and are present in a glutathione injection are cysteine, lysine  and glycine.  

Moreover glutathione also is well incorporated with some other  Multivitamins that are highly beneficial for the skin.

How Long Does it take for Glutathione to Show its Results?

The benefits and results for glutathione in a single candidate can vary depending upon the level of hyperpigmentation.  for men who are extremely dark and have multiple hyper pigmented areas in the face can generally take as long as two to three weeks to witness the results.

However, males who had a normal pigmentation with less areas of darkening  generally may start to show signs of whitening as early as two to three days after the treatment.

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How is the Procedure of Glutathione for Skin Lightening Done?

Glutathione can be administered in the form of pills, injections or IV therapy. The most fastest and instant results can be achieved by glutathione taken through IV therapy. 

An Important Consideration:

The goal of the treatment is to enhance skin whitening and not to correct any pre-existing medical condition. Therefore, if the hyperpigmentation is due to any other medically existing skin disease, it is better to first consult the physician. 

What is the Cost of Skin Whitening for Men?

The Cost of Skin Whitening in Dubai is different depending upon the procedure either done in the IV form or taken through injectables. 

In order to clear up the concerns related to the cost and price it is advised to first seek an appointment with the esthetician. They can best elaborate you about them. 

The Final Verdict!

Looking and feeling beautiful is not only the trait of females but also males. approach our clinic if you want an instant fairness along with full body whitening by glutathione injections. Book an appointment with the esthetician and avail a free consultation straight away.