Single Tooth Implant Cost in Dubai

Dental implant surgery (DIS) is a procedure to replace a damaged/missing tooth. The price for DIS in Dubai starts at AED 6500.

The final price will be determined after the dental specialist will assess you, your teeth and will make sure that you are a good candidate. The cost will also depend on the reputation of the clinic, the surgeon’s expertise, and the number of Dental Implants you want.

Average Cost:

The overall Single Tooth Implant Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah generally ranges from AED 6500 to AED 9500. It is an expensive treatment but it is important to note that the benefits far outweigh the expenditure. You can achieve natural-looking yet, dramatic results. Dr. MICHEL BOU CHAAYA practices with the utmost precision to ensure people are satisfied with our dental services.

Understanding The Cost Factors:

There are many factors that can affect the dental implant cost, including the location and expertise of the specialist, the extent of the procedure, the anesthesia required, and the number of sessions required. Let’s look at these factors more closely:

Anesthesia used:

Patients who require general anesthesia during DIS often experience higher costs.

Follow-up visits:

After getting implants, you will be encouraged to attend several follow-up appointments, so that Dr. MICHEL BOU CHAAYA evaluates your results. Although these sessions are built into the treatment plans, patients may require additional office visits if they face complications during recovery.

Experience of the dental surgeon:

Dental specialists who have just begun their careers usually offer more affordable treatments than those who have been practicing for years. However, it should be pointed out, extensive experience comes with more natural-looking yet transformative results and reduced risk for complications. As a certified dental surgeon, Dr. MICHEL BOU CHAAYA is internationally recognized for his skills and patient satisfaction in dentistry.

Addition treatments:

For patients who combine DIS with other dental procedures, such as scaling or polishing, the treatment cost rises.

During the initial consultation, we can discuss your treatment options and provide you with a more detailed estimate depending on your requirements and objectives so that you can budget accordingly. 

Tooth Implant Surgery In Dubai:

Many dental clinics in Dubai offer their patients incredible packages at affordable prices. Some of them even offer accommodation options and transportations. So, the only thing you will have to worry about is how to get to Dubai for your dental procedures.

Why Choose Dynamic Clinic?

Each DIS patient should be treated with attention, respect, and love, along with the treatment plan designed according to their budget. At a dynamic clinic, you can find highly professional teams of specialists performing Dental Implant Surgeries, cutting-edge technology, and a comfortable environment.

By choosing a dynamic clinic, you will get the perfect smile you have always wanted. Forget about hiding teeth and please stop daydreaming that one day the missing tooth will redevelop on its own.

Our dental surgeon, Dr. MICHEL BOU CHAAYA, performs his treatments at a fully accredited hospital, offering the highest level of care. Having your surgery performed at dynamic clinic reduces the chances of complications and guarantees amazing results.


Our dental team also strives to make procedures accessible to all patients. In this light, they provide affordable 100% financing. Through financing, you can make your affordable monthly payments after choosing a long-term or short-term plan.

For more information about Single tooth implant costs in Dubai or interest-free financing, schedule your appointment.