Signs of Infection After Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal is very popular nowadays because it is a safe way of erasing tattoo from the skin. Like all other cosmetic procedures, it also has its own positives and negatives. 80% of the tattoo will be removed after 3 sessions of the treatment, however, you could have more sessions to improve the results. The downside of the treatment is that it involves a few side-effects that could be frustrating and really annoying. Mild inflammation after the Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment is normal but abnormal and severe inflammation is not something that you can afford to ignore. It is best to see your healthcare practitioner immediately when you notice any major side-effects.

Signs of Infection after Tattoo Removal:

Infection after laser tattoo removal can be either mild or extremely dangerous. Continue reading the article to know about the signs of infection that you may encounter after having the treatment. With this, you will be well prepared for facing any undesirable event in the future.


Itchiness is the most common sign of infection that occurs immediately after the treatment. It is a readily observable situation and usually spreads out from the area that was treated. Experiencing this sensation for two or three days after the treatment is normal but if it does not go within a week or gets severe then you should see your practitioner.


Swelling is another undesirable phenomenon that most patients have to face after laser tattoo removal. It usually lasts for a week but sometimes turns into a severe infection that necessarily requires special medical treatment. If this occurs, the part of your skin may be taken out and sent to a laboratory for biopsy and other tests.

Severe Redness:

All patients experience some degree of redness in the area after laser tattoo removal and it is normal, but when it gets severe, the area takes much longer time to heal. It is a big sign of infection, you are advised to get it checked out if it does not go away in 7-14 days because over time it may become painful and very discomforting.


Blistering after Laser Tattoo Removal in Dubai is rare but can happen if your skin is too sensitive. In the treatment, the laser attacks and disintegrates the tattoo pigments due to which some surrounding vessels also break that gives rise to the formation of superficial blisters on the skin. They are extremely painful and you are advised to avoid popping them. Though you can use anti-bacterial ointment on the skin to make the blisters disappear but do not touch them directly with your hands.

Skin Discoloration:

The patients are likely to experience skin discoloration after laser tattoo removal. The heat produced by the laser targets the affected superficial skin due to which it turns a shade of white. This phenomenon is known as frosting and skin color continues to change throughout the recovery process. This effect is temporary, the skin will return to its normal state with 4-6 months.

How can you speed up the Recovery Process?

Here are some tips that will help you in having a smooth, easy and quick recovery after laser tattoo removal,

  1. You are advised to eat nutritious food before and after the treatment to make your immune system strong and healthy
  2. Apply prescribed anti-bacterial ointments on the affected skin regularly and don’t forget to cover it with a bandage
  3. You can prevent the infection from occurring by properly clearing the treated area with cold water

Wrapping up!

If you are seeing any sign of infection after having tattoo removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi then it is best to see a healthcare practitioner for treatment. You can visit Cosmetic Surgery Clinic as our experts are here to help you deal with your skin concerns so don’t delay and book a free appointment now.