Short Scar Face Lift Cost in Dubai

Are you one of those looking older than your age? You are definitely not alone because some of us face this personality changing problem that makes us look older like our parents. 

Several surgical treatments have been used in the cosmetic field, but still, their invasiveness makes us feel uncomfortable. To make a long story short, Can we skip to the best part?

There is another facelift surgery, a Short Scar Facelift in Dubai

Less invasiveness and more beneficial treatment with shorter incisions at a budget-friendly cost.

What is a Short Scar Face Lift?

The name perfectly describes the definition. It is a facelift, a surgical procedure with shorter scars than the traditional facelift. It is a minimally invasive therapy with minimal incisions which efficiently lifts and repositions the internal facial soft tissues. The treatment also helps lessen the scarring caused by the standard facelift. It is the best for people with less skin redundancy and saggy skin on the neck. 

Why Short Scar Face Lift?

People have started opting for this short scar facelift technique over the traditional facelift because its results are more natural than the latter. It makes you look unnatural and fake right after the surgery. While in a short scar facelift, your skin gets pulled naturally as it is a minimally invasive treatment with more minor scars. The reasons to opt for this incredible facelift therapy are not completed yet; you can also have a shorter recovery time with the shorter incision scars.

Who Should Get Facelift Surgery in Dubai?

Generally and basically, a person who has an ongoing perfect relationship with their ageing process sets the candidacy criteria.

There are some points to consider before deciding to get the Short Scar Facelift in Dubai:

  • People want to turn back the clock for almost 10 years and look good too, just like they feel beautiful from the inside. 
  • People who do not feel happy with their mid-face, like their chin and the neck look and want them to be renewed with minimal invasiveness. 
  • A person is physically fit, healthy, and younger, but the face does not reflect age and youthfulness.
  • A person who wants a facelift but does not want to go for the traditional one with deeper scars. 

Short Scar Facelift Procedure:

It’s a short-length procedure that takes an hour to complete. The surgeon uses general anesthesia so the patient remains calm during the therapy. Shorter incisions are made, which start from the hairline and pass in front of the ear without curving behind. The skin gets pulled up naturally, and the incisions get closed.

How Long Does The Short Scar Facelift in Dubai last?

The longevity of the short face scar lift depends on the individual patient. Aftercare is the key to making it last longer. Generally, this facelift therapy lasts from five to seven years. It may last shorter or longer for some people, relying on age factors, skin elasticity, an individual’s diet and health, and most importantly, protecting the skin from sun exposure. 

Recovery From the Short Scar Face Lift: 

As the scars are shorter, the recovery time is too. The recovery period has significantly reduced from the classic facelift process from three weeks to a month; it has reduced to a week or two. 

Point to remember that no doubt this facelift is much less invasive than the traditional one. Still, a patient must have someone to drive them home and look after them for two days after the surgery.

The patients will not feel themselves socializing in the initial days after the therapy. It will take a week to subside more than 50% of the swelling and bruising, and finally, you will be allowed to drive as there will be no need for painkillers.

The patient can return to the office and the social activities as almost all of the side effects will subside. 

Short Scar Face Lift Cost in Dubai:

The cost differs for the patients individually as each has a different problem to get corrected. Still, the patient can expect to pay as a standard 28000 AED, a minimum of 22,000 AED for short scar face liftThe treatment of Short Scar Facelift in Dubai is just a hundred times better than the classic face lifting technique. Here is another point to consider: it is less costly too. 

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