The hair you lose after getting a hair transplant is nothing to worry about and it is a very normal and natural process. Unlike conventional hair loss, the shedding of hair you experience after taking FUE actually occurs so that new and healthy hair gets room to grow. This entire phenomenon is known as FUE shock loss

Why does hair fall off after getting a hair transplant?

The existing hair or you can say your natural hair is not very viable and strong enough to survive after a hair transplant.  The hair will start falling probably within the second to eight weeks after a hair transplant. This is the stage when your new hair steps into a resting phase and eventually falls off before it could trigger new hair growth. 

What is a Shock Loss? 

Shock hair loss normally is observed when the hair falls off immediately from the donor area after a hair transplant treatment like FUE. Note that shock loss is not just confined to FUE but will also be seen in other hair transplant surgeries as well. In the case of FUE, the hair normally sheds off from the recipient’s area that is from the scalp. 

Fortunately, shock hair loss is a temporary phase that will eventually seize when the recovery from the surgery will resume. The candidates who have taken FUE hair transplants and have witnessed the shock hair loss have also reported that new hair growth has commenced from the third month of the treatment.

 It takes about one to two years completely for the hair to fill the scalp and attain a normal texture as well as thickness.

Why does hair loss occur in non-transplanted hair? 

Some people after getting hair Restoration in Dubai often report that their non-transplanted hair has also started to shed off. This is mainly because the nontransplanted hair follicles also enter into the resting phase like the newly transplanted hair in the surgery. The reason why non-transplanted hair goes into the resting phase is basically that they are either too thin or immature to grow further. 

How to prevent hair shedding following a hair transplant? 

Whenever a patient undergoes a hair transplant surgery, the hair specialist suggests a number of post-treatment instructions that are to be followed religiously. This is mainly so that the treatment outcomes become probable and the results are well witnessed. 

The major post-treatment instructions that will prevent shock hair loss include: 

  • Take regular multivitamins.
  •  have a balanced and nourished diet.
  •  do not cover your head unless and until told so.
  •  use the prescribed medications like finasteride and minoxidil for regrowth.

FUE and shock loss:

FUE is different from PRP hair treatment in Dubai as the follicles are extracted from the donor sites and injected into the scalp which is not the case in PRP. PRP is extracted from the blood of a donor and this is the reason why hair loss associated with PRP is less as compared to that of FUE.

Why choose our clinic? 

Our Clinic has been providing hair loss transplant treatment governed by a hair specialist for a very long time. They assure the valued candidates that a hair transplant will not only help them boost their long-lost self-confidence back but also will enhance their appearance. Our hair specialist ensures that they guide the candidates about the probable consequences and outcomes of any treatment.  As far as shock hair loss is considered the hair specialist is bound to inform the candidates about it and rest assured that it will recover soon.

The Final Verdict!

Hair loss not just happens due to medical conditions but also after a hair transplant. The only difference is that shading is favorable and intense to growing new and much better quality hair. If you are also seeking a hair restoration Dubai technique, then our clinic warmly welcomes you to our hair specialist department for free consultations and advice.