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Sexually transmitted diseases as the name suggest mostly spread during intercourse in which there is an exchange of the fluids that contain the bacterium. The population of people facing these issues is increasing every day. There are several new cases of infections that come onto the screen every year. But the major problem is that people do not discuss the disease with their doctors. They feel reluctant in talking about these diseases. However, they feel that it is a difficult topic to discuss Sexually Transmitted Diseases Cost Dubai & Abu Dhabi | Price. Our clinic in Dubai offers treatment for these diseases.

What is it?

Sexually Transmitted Diseases occur due to sexual contact. They may transmit from one person to another during unprotected sexual activity. Moreover, the leading cause of their occurrence by a broad range of pathogenic microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, and parasites. 

These diseases can have serious health consequences if not treated on time. They can cause long-term health diseases causing infertility and the increased risk of developing certain types of cancer. In addition, to the damage to physical health, such diseases can also cause disturbance in mental distress and social stigma.

Common Sexually Transmitted Diseases:

According to different research, there are more than 20 most common STDs. They can occur at every age and in both males and females. However, young adults account for the majority of this disease. The most common diseases are

  • Trichomoniasis
  • Syphilis
  • Pubic lice
  • HPV
  • Gonorrhea
  • Genital Herpes
  • Chlamydia
  • Genital Warts

Chlamydia, Syphilis, and Gonorrhea, these diseases occur due to bacteria and they can be treated with antibiotics. Genital herpes and HIV/AIDS happen by viruses, and there is currently no cure for either. To add further, Genital warts take place due to a virus and can be treated with topical creams or surgery.

Signs and Symptoms:

Every kind of unprotected sexual intercourse, including vaginal, anal, and oral sex, might transmit these illnesses. In certain situations, STDs in Dubai can spread through sharing needles or other drug paraphernalia and coming into touch with infected bodily fluids, or both. Since there are varieties of diseases that include STDs, therefore, the sign and symptoms may also vary conforming to the disease.

  • Unusual discharge from the vagina or penis
  • Verrucas or sores on the vaginal area
  • Painful or frequent urination
  • Redness and itching in the vaginal region
  • Blisters on the mouth or lips
  • Abnormal vaginal odor
  • Anal discomfort, soreness, or bleeding
  • Uncomfortable stomach
  • A high-degree fever

HIV and syphilis are two STDs that may not exhibit any symptoms at all. STDs can cause more severe health issues, such as infertility and even death if they are not treated.

Relation of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Maternity:

Maternity refers to motherhood. There is a chance if a female is expecting and likewise, she is prone to a sexual transit disease. It can travel from the mother to an infant or a newborn baby. As we can consider the example of syphilis. It occurs around the genital area and can transmit to the fetus or the newborn baby during delivery. Similarly, genital warts are also a transmitted disease that can travel from mother to newborn, but it happens rarely.

If left untreated, some STDs can lead to preterm labor, low birth weight, and even infant death. Moreover, it can also increase the frequency of ectopic pregnancies and complications in conceiving in mothers. Therefore, women should take some steps into consideration before or during pregnancy.

  • To get diagnosed with STDs such as HIV and syphilis. As it can help to avoid complications by diagnosing the infection so it can get treated on time
  • If you think you may have an STD, talk to your doctor instantly. They could ask you to confirm that the medicine is risk-free for you or delay therapy if necessary.
  • If genital verrucas prevent the vaginal canal from stretching, a cesarean birth is required in this case.
  • It is essential for pregnant women to get tested for STDs and to seek treatment if needed.

Diagnostic Procedure:

The diagnostic procedures are important to rule out any Venus’s curse. The doctor makes the diagnosis by using specific lab tests, physical exams, and analysis of your past medical history. He may inquire about your sexual history, symptoms, and your lifestyle. Depending on your disease, it may require medicine, a change in lifestyle, or both.

  • Blood test.
  • Urine test.
  • Swab and pap test.
  • Genital examination.
  • A surgical procedure such as a colposcopy. 

Sexually Transmitted Diseases Treatment Options:

Some individuals do not get the treatment in accurate time which ultimately increases the severity of the disease. However, several treatments can help to cure the disease as follows:

  • Antibiotics. 
  • Antiviral medications.
  • Topical medicines such as creams and ointments.
  • Vaccines. 
  • Surgery. 
  • Laser. 

In addition, the modification of lifestyle and avoidance of sexual activities during the treatment may also help to improve the severity of the disease. The point to ponder is that if there is a delay in the treatment it becomes impossible to reverse the signs and symptoms of the disease.


The Cost of Sexually Transmitted Diseases Treatment in Dubai may vary due to certain factors. The cost may depend on the condition of the individual, the level of the clinic and doctor, and the expected results. However, you will get to know about the exact cost after the procedure.

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