Septoplasty Cost in Dubai

Understanding Septoplasty:

It is a cosmetic surgery that is basically done to address a deviated septum. It can make your nose thinner and straighter. Plus, it can give you a new, and better life. During operation, the specialist swaps, relocate or trims the underlying bone and cartilage to make cosmetic as well as medical improvement in the nose. However, it should be noted that these modifications are made through openings inside the nose so it does not leave any kind of scars once done.

By two to three months, the results of Septoplasty will show up and the nasal tissues will also be very stable at this time. But you should resume your normal activities only when the recovery phase ends otherwise complications may occur. Anyway, talk to the surgeon beforehand to discuss in more detail what is the right time to continue physical activities.

What is the Cost of Septoplasty?

This is the most commonly made investigation by individuals considering septoplasty. Despite the fact that the costs can be high, numerous sufferers discover the price justified. But please note that septoplasty isn’t more costly than the expense of Rhinoplasty.

The Cost:

Septoplasty cost varies based on several factors.

Depending on the exposure of the deviated septum, the clinic you choose, septoplasty in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah can cost anywhere between 20,000 AED and 28,000 AED, excluding the maintenance sessions. This price includes surgeon fees, hospitalization expenses, medicines used in the recovery, and blood tests. However, an overnight stay is subject to extra payment. Further, the amount may also arise depending on the severity of the surgery.


The expense of septoplasty can be high, however, greatly relies upon the following components.

The Level of Improvement you Require:

During the initial consultation with the surgeon, the degree of a deviated septum will be discussed. As we mentioned a little earlier, most patients will need just one session, but depending on the severity of the problem, you may require more procedures, and that will definitely cost more money.

The Geographical Location of the Clinic:

Believe it or not, the area where you live will also help you determine the surgery cost. If you get the surgery in the city where the cost of living is really high, expect to pay more cash for treatment than you would have to pay in the city where the cost of living is less.

The Fees of the Surgeon:

The beauty of septoplasty is that it can be done by any plastic surgeon who is certified. But experienced surgeons present better results than inexperienced surgeons. And the more experience the surgeon has, the more expensive the surgery will be.

Results Desired:

The results you want also play a huge character in formulating the cost of Septoplasty in Dubai & Sharjah.

Choose the Best Surgeon:

Before making your nose to undergo septoplasty, it’s vital to know which surgeon to go for: However, there are essentially two things you need to consider before choosing the surgeon

  1. His experience
  2. His qualifications

These things play a pivotal role in receiving the best care so be careful.

The Takeaway:

If you want to fix your crooked nose, septoplasty is the right option of course. It offers more permanent and lasting results than other nose treatments. Anyway, the procedure can be done under local or general anesthesia depending upon how complex your surgery is and what alterations do your nose need. Well, since it is a cosmetic procedure, most insurance companies won’t pay for it. Though, there are clinic’s own financing schemes that can certainly help you with the money problems.

A complete physical examination of the nose is required before you can find out the exact Cost of Septoplasty in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. So, book your appointment today.