Second Hair Transplant Why, When, & How

Hair is a thick strand that composes of keratin that protects us from many germs. They are present on different surfaces of the body and perform various functions such as keeping the body temperature normal and many other functions. Thus, being an essential part of our body. Unfortunately, people lose their hair due to various reasons such as old age, cancer, and many others. In this modern world where many diseases can be cured by using different treatments. Similarly, hair loss can also be treated. A Hair Transplant in Dubai is one of the ways to treat hair loss. Hair transplant has proved to be very successful in this regard with satisfying results. But in some cases, first hair transplants fail to produce the desired outcomes. Therefore, people want information about Second hair transplant: why, when, and how.

What is it?

A Hair Transplant in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is a cosmetic procedure that involves the extraction of hair follicles from the part of the scalp that is full of hair and transplanting them into the area where there is a lack of hair. It is a safe and effective procedure that helps to treat the hair loss of many individuals. But in some cases, the first hair transplant does not treat the bald areas of the scalp properly.

The other name for a second hair transplant is a revision hair transplant. It is actually a pursued procedure that doctors perform after the first hair transplant procedure. Doctors mostly perform this procedure to examine different areas of the scalp that were not recognized during the initial procedure. Moreover, it also helps to increase the density of hair on the scalp.

What is the Need for a Second Hair Transplant?

There are different reasons why a patient requires a second hair transplant. One of the most frequent reasons is that the first transplant did not offer the necessary degree of coverage or density. This may occur if the patient has severe hair loss. Or if the first operation did not harvest enough hair follicles. A second hair transplant may be necessary to fill in any bald or sparse patches and produce a more realistic-looking outcome.

Moreover, a second hair transplant is not worth it for every individual. So, it is essential to remember that not every patient qualifies for a second hair transplant. The criteria for qualifying for the second hair transplant are that the patient must have adequate healthy hair follicles in the donor location to sustain another transplant. And the patient must have reasonable expectations for the outcome. The patient should also be in good general health and free from any underlying illnesses that can compromise the outcome of the treatment.

When Can We Have It?

According to the doctors, there should be an adequate gap between two hair transplants. The estimated time between them is about 12-18 months. This is because the hair follicles after the first transplant require some time to establish themselves and forge a solid relationship with the scalp. The amount of time between the two treatments totally depends on a number of variables. It includes the type of hair transplant you have, the size of the treatment area, and the quantity of transplanted hair. However, one should speak with a licensed doctor about their condition to find out the suggested wait period.

How is a Second Transplant Done?

The procedure of the second hair transplant is similar to the first hair transplant procedure. But there are several significant variations to take into account between the second and first hair transplant procedures. The surgeon considers the prior hair transplant of the patient to ensure that he positions the new grafts in a way that compliments the old ones. Additionally, if there is a presence of scarring or trauma during the initial procedure, the doctor can change their method of treatment.

The most used methods for the second transplant are FUT and FUE. The doctor commonly uses FUE for the second hair transplant but it may vary depending on the condition of the patient’s scalp. For instance, if the scalp of the patient becomes tightened after the initial treatment so the surgeon employs a new method to remove the hair follicles. Additionally, they might need to implant using various tools or instruments. 


A second hair transplant is a successful technique to develop a fuller head of hair. It also aids in treating any regions of hair loss that got neglected by the initial hair transplant. To ascertain if the patient is a good candidate for a second treatment he should speak with a licensed hair transplant surgeon to get enough information about the risks and advantages of the procedure. 

A second hair transplant does not offer the same amount of density as the first one, therefore it is important for patients to have reasonable expectations regarding the results. However, it is a secure and efficient way to achieve a more natural-looking head of hair under the supervision of an expert surgeon. It is a successful procedure that can help to increase the density of hair and transplant the follicles in the neglected area. The success rates may differ according to the condition of the patient and the expertise of the physician. According to the research, a second hair transplant is a good choice to achieve the expected outcomes.

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