Sculpsure cost in Dubai

Say goodbye to unwanted fat!

Desiring a perfectly contoured body, without fat bulges is a dream for everyone suffering from excessive weight. Many people are willing to work towards it by dieting or exercising but have no luck. Does this mean there is no solution for you? ABSOLUTELY NOT! You can opt for SculpSure Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi through which you get free yourself from stubborn fat without having to undergo a knife! This non-invasive treatment can contour your body without leaving any scars behind. Read more to know about the Sculpture Treatment Cost in Dubai.

What Is SculpSure?

SculpSure is a non-invasive procedure opted to combat stubborn, excessive weight over which diet and exercise have failed. It employs fat-melting technology that does not require your body to be treated surgically. SculpSure Treatment in Dubai will not only free your body of unwanted fat but will also contour it. In this treatment, your body is radiated with a laser that eliminates the fat cells from your body. For people who are considering body contouring, this treatment can be the best option.

What to Do Before the Treatment?

To prepare for SculpSure, you need to take certain steps to get full advantage of the treatment. Moreover, your surgeon will examine you to exclude the possibility of any reaction.

  •         Be honest with your doctor and tell them your desired results.
  •         Do not forget to tell your medical history honestly too.
  •         Avoid blood thinning medicines a month prior to the treatment.
  •         Do not smoke for a few weeks before you have to undergo SculpSure.
  •         Stay hydrated.
  •         Do not take alcohol for a few weeks prior to the procedure.
  •         Make sure that you do not undergo any other skincare treatment involving laser.

What is the Procedure Like?

This is an in-office and outpatient treatment in which laser light is radiated over the targeted areas by wrapping a belt around them. Then, from the laser beaming tool, high-energy laser light is beamed which liquefies the unwanted fat cells without damaging the skin cells. After two or three sessions of this treatment, this fat is eliminated from the body with the help of the lymphatic system. You observe swelling, bruising, or itching in the treated areas. However, this goes away once the treatment is completed.

Recovery and Results:

There is no downtime to SculpSure in Dubai & Abu Dhabi because it is a non-invasive Laser Treatment. You will not have to take off from work; in fact, you can resume activities right after you leave the clinic. You may experience a tingling sensation, but it goes away after a short while. Apart from minimal discomfort, you won’t go through anything pain-inducing. The only precaution you have to take is to not indulge yourself in strenuous exercise.

You should not expect to see the results straight away. Be patient for at least six weeks to observe some of the results. You should be able to see complete results after twelve weeks after completion of the treatment. In order to maintain results, you will need to take care of your diet and exercise to hinder the accumulation of new fat cells. Once the treatment is completed, you should be able to have reduced fat and a contoured body.

Benefits of SculpSure:

  •         You can get rid of excess fat without undergoing a knife.
  •         It enhances the shape of your body.
  •         Since it is a non-invasive procedure, there is no fear of permanent scars.
  •         Stubborn fat that is not helped with diet or exercise is easily treated.
  •         It is a painless procedure.
  •         Has no downtime.

Cost of SculpSure in Dubai:

SculpSure Costs in Dubai are not fixed. It can vary according to the surgeon that you opt for and the location of the clinic. Therefore, the SculpSure Price in Dubai is determined as per your doctor’s consultation. It is only through the surgeon that you can know the exact price. Sculpsure Treatment Costs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah range from AED 4000 to AED 8000.

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